Friday, 25 March 2011

Lets get ready to ruummmmmblllleeee!

That's pretty much what life has been like since we've been back. I'm not a Mom, I'm a referee! Just in this first few sentences I've already detached Carson from Taylor's hair, been bitten through my pants enough to bleed, and just set the clock for time out number 3. Ah, the joys of sibling rivalry. I hope it's not always like this. Luckily (?) it's only this crazy when we are at home, if we are out and about they are generally pretty good, and nice to each other. No wonder I want to stay out all of the time!

So yes, I apologize (again) that I have not updated the blog in FOREVER... I've been overwhelmed, and consumed by mommy hood, work (which I've since cut back on), roller derby, and gets away from you quickly.

So yes.. back to January! Taylor celebrated her 3rd Birthday. We ended up just having it at home, took her out for pizza (her favorite), and to play some games. In the middle of January I also joined the local roller derby team. Call me crazy, but I LOVE IT! It took me a bit to get the hang of being on skates again, but it's coming along nicely. We had our first bout of the season on March 12, but I wasn't on the roster that time. I AM on the roster for our April 9th bout in East Texas, so I'm super excited about that. We also got a double jogger, and I put my skates on and skate around the neighborhood or down by the river and get some good exercise!

Also in January business started picking up for me, I was getting a LOT of orders and working pretty much all night and running errands a lot of the mornings when Drew was home to get supplies, fabric, etc. In February, I started working out of a local childrens consignment store/boutique doing embroidery, and custom orders. Unfortunately it was keeping me busy all of the time, and I was missing out on quality time with Drew and the kids so after some discussion we decided I would cut back on that as well as custom work for a while.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke with the school where Taylor and Carson do Mom's Day Out to see if we could switch her to preschool mid year. I've been feeling like I'm not able to stimulate her enough at home, and the kids needed more time apart because they are fighting constantly. They were willing to do it, but didn't want to throw her in with a new teacher so instead of actually putting her in preschool, I take her to her MDO class 4 days a week, and pick her up at the usual preschool time (12:15 instead of 2) except on Friday's since both kids are there.

After two weeks, going for 4 days she's already progressed in leaps and bounds. She's talking to her teachers regularly now, and she enjoys every day she is at school. She learns a lot and while the kids still fight, it's a bit of an improvement, as well as giving Carson some good one on one time with Drew and I.

Carson is growing like a weed, he's starting to repeat what we say when we ask him to and he is getting more verbal. He loves to sing his ABC's, though he misses a lot of the letters. I'll try and get it on video at some point! He has always had good comprehension, but he wasn't big on talking much. He has a lot more toddler speak than Taylor did so we don't understand much of what he says, but he's getting there. He's very stubborn, he doesn't like us to read him books, that would require him to sit still, he isn't big on learning things like body parts. He'd much prefer running around making messes, noise and climbing, or beating up on his sister.

*edit* It has now been an additional 10 days since I started this blog. I never got the photos uploaded and then it got busy again.

Last week we had spring break so the kids were both home all day all week and full of the crazies. It took both Drew and I to keep them busy. Two extremely strong willed children I tell you. At least they are super cute to make up for it.

Anyway, on to photos!!!

A snow day in Louisiana!

Carson is apparently allergic to penicillin. You should have seen the rest of his body, but his poor feet were swollen and he was covered in welts and hives that didn't go away for a couple of days. It wasn't until the end of his antibiotics that this happened. SCARY!

On our way to get Drew his dream car!!

He DID it!

Alright everyone.. don't FREAK out! Yes, this is my thigh. Yes it's a real tattoo. Yes it takes up a large area. I LOVE it!! This is my newest piece of art. I got it in march.
The kids actually getting a long for a few minutes.

Handsome Man!

I think they are related.

Drew doing his thang

This is Kevin, he's the one who watched our dogs while we were in CA in Nov/Dec. He also works with Drew.

Just like Mama.. it was empty :)

Carson helps

Taylor helps

A couple of photos from our first Derby bout in March. I wasn't on the roster but my job was still awesome!! I skated around wiping up beer spills and getting the crowd to do the wave.

Kids playing with water

This is our friend (and Drew's coworker) Chris. He's good peoples.

Carson going for a drive

Drew and Chris deep in thought.. probably about cars.

Drew's freshly washed car... the other love of his life ;)

Hanging around while Taylor was napping!

Glad we have such good dogs!

"Helping" me to unload the dishwasher.

These are pics from my FIRST EVER derby bout! It was SOOO fun! I can't wait until the next one in May! We lost this one 117 to 97, but it was a great game.

Hanging out in the yard on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It ended having a BBQ with Chris and Drew and I going skating!

Well, I guess that's it for now. Now that I'm caught up on the daunting task of sorting through these and waiting for them to upload, I'm HOPING I can do it more frequently. But don't hold me to it okay!

I also have a couple of derby vids, but I'll save those because it's now been another 3 hours of pic uploading and it's almost 1AM! EEK!