Saturday, 26 December 2009

Might be here all night...

because I have a TON of photos to upload!!!

Here's some from Taylor and I making cookies for Santa.

I showed her how to press the cutter into the dough.
Then she could do it on her own, she did great!

But it's fun to do them all at once!
Time to decorate!

Sprinkles everywhere...
Yum Yum! Those look fun.After bath time, we took the cookies (and carrots for the reindeer!) to the fireplace!

Santa came!Christmas Morning! Check out the giant bear!

Carson got a new hanging toy that plays music in his stocking.
Santa left presents for the boys too.He grabbed it!

Opening presents!

Car Keys.. with some Car Keys!Dada gets some too :)
Taylor would rather play with her stickers that she got in her stocking.
He's not sure what to think :)
Ohh, a big pretty doll!
He likes his glow worm.
Trying out her new trike.

I wasn't there for Christmas.. just kidding!! I forgot to have Drew take some pics of me too, but that's okay.. I was there for cookies. After we opened gifts (A big Thanks to our wonderful family!!) I made banana nut pancakes for breakfast than started dinner. It took a little longer than I had intended so we didn't actually eat until 5. After dinner I boiled the turkey carcass for soup which we had last night and it was YUMMMMMY!

All in all it was a pretty good day considering Drew wasn't feeling well (and still isn't), Carson was cranky, and Taylor was the definition of a two year old. I was just REALLY tired, fighting off sickies too (losing the battle now). More than the day.. it's been an enjoyable Christmas WEEK!

One of my friends who has an Etsy shop makes super cute stuff for kids. She sent me a bunch of her goods (leggings, clippies, a receiving blanket) in exchange for some photos that she can use in her shop. So I did those yesterday (well, not the blanket one yet), and had some other fun while we were at it. Here's the results of that... well some of them, I took a LOT of pics yesterday!

Sporting her new trike.Little Miss Attitude.

Yes, I bribe her to smile for me :) She's enjoying those bribes now.

Profile with a clippy.
Now THAT is a real smile.
We brought out Carson's bear too (Carson was taking a nap)
I wanted in too!

Such a soft cuddly bear!Carson got some leggings too!
Can you believe he's 4 months old now??
With some crazy hair.
Handsome man!
That's about it! We are all not really feeling great so we've been hanging out trying to get better before Drew goes back to work...oh, and eating of course.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Photos from the last few days.

Taylor and I decorated a Rice Krispy treat house! We needed something fun to do since we've been in the house so much lately.

Putting on some gumdrops.

Kisses for Mama.
Sneaking a taste.

Some of the left overs that didn't fit in the house mold :) Nom Nom!!
Here's some for you too!
I like decorating with icing..

I'm good at this!!
Now we are getting a little carried away. :)

Carson fell asleep hangin' out with his pops.

My first Christmas Ornament that Taylor brought home from MDO :) Notice her smile, so typical, haha.
Our tree, I cut off the angels head a little.Just playing around.
We give lots of kisses!!

Taylor ran away, so I had Drew be my model while I played with lighting.
Bribes work.

Beautiful smiles!
Loves her Dada!