Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Oh yeah

Drew took this video of Taylor on his phone and it cracked us up so we are sharing! Taylor LOVES the Imagination Movers on TV, they play a lot of music and she was rockin' out the other day while it was on. She's going to be our little musician/dancer!

Pics from our trip!

I pretty much kept my camera on automatic the whole trip since I knew I would have my hands full and didn't want to miss anything. Unfortunately automatic doesn't always mean in focus, or clear! So please excuse the technical errors....most importantly, the pictures are there!

Here are some from when Kerrie and the girls and I went to the zoo!

The rest of these aren't particularly in order, but somewhat! Grandma putting headphones on Taylor.

Taylor reading a book to Grandpa
She got a kick out of climbing up on this footstool and giving me a heart attack trying to stand on it.

Sitting in her chair that Grandpa built for her. He also made a bird house and bird feeder that we will put up in the yard!
Grandpa and Taylor looking at Birds out of the window

Going for a wagon ride with Grandpa!

She sure does love her table and chair!! She climbs in and out of it and kicks her little legs off the edge.

Grandma with all of her Girls.On the way to Omaha and back we stopped and stayed with Jennifer, our neighbor when we lived in England. She lives just outside of Oklahoma City. Here she is with Cameron, her almost 6 month old!

Taylor saying Baby!

Cameron's tootsies.
Look at that cute little smile!

We had a great time on our trip, it was nice catching up, seeing everybody and meeting new people! Grandma had just had her knee surgery, and Grandpa was sick when we got there so it was a little rough for everybody I think. Grandpa was feeling better by Sunday at least and Grandma is doing pretty well with her knee! Her physical therapist came while I was there and said she showed much improvement from the previous visit. It was a bummer that it was only for about 5 days to visit, but we had to get back home in time for Taylor to have her next dr. appointment, and get her and Drew ready for their trip to CA! She has been sleeping like a log since we got back!

She goes in on the 9th for her 15 month well baby, and then they will leave on the 13th for CA. My ultrasound is on the 14th, they return on the 20th and we'll go down and get mom on the 23rd or so! A busy month for this house!

I'm off to bed, I'm exhausted tonight plus we have some storms coming through right now and I'm worried I might lose power before I get this up. Hope everyone is well!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

We're back!!

Just wanted to post and let everybody know that we made it home safe and sound! I'll post more about the trip later!

Monday, 16 March 2009

16 weeks, CHECK!

Had my OB appointment today and everything was great! In fact, the appointment only took about 5 minutes! My blood pressure was great 103/65, I gained 7 lbs. this month, YIKES!! Dr. said that was fine though. Babies heart rate was 150 bpm. After my appointment I went up to the lab to get some blood drawn for the quad screen, and that was it!

My next appointment is April 14th, and that's when we find out the sex and have the big ultrasound! I asked if we could do it the week before so Drew could be there but she said she'd rather wait until that week so that's kind of a bummer. I'm going to take the video camera and record the ultrasound if I can get the right angle though so everyone can see it! That's the plan anyway.

Taylor is getting 4 more teeth in, her canines, and it's taking a toll on her. She's been a crab the last couple of days and her nose is running like a seive. Her appetite is down a little as well, I'm sure her mouth is hurting her. She was eating some Gerber Puffs today and chewed on a couple and started crying. She was just standing there so I can only imagine it was her mouth. I gave her some tylenol and that seemed to help.

Last night she went to bed at 8pm and didn't wake up this morning until 11!! I couldn't believe it (I was at the OB and Drew texted me to tell me she just woke up). I was sure it was going to mess up her schedule but she went down for a nap at her regular time, and hit bed at normal time again. Amazing!

So, we're off to OKC tomorrow morning, then Omaha on Wednesday. I may or may not have internet access along the way, but I'll have my phone on me if you need to get in touch or want to check in!

Taking my camera, so hopefully I have lots of pics to share when I get back!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

What's today?

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I updated!

Well last week we were all sick. We had something going on with our sinuses. Sneezing, coughing, we lost our voices (mine still isn't 100% back), trouble sleeping. I spent one night in a recliner because I was coughing so bad. Last night Drew was up coughing a lot. We're just a healthy bunch! I'll be glad when this season is over!

I went to the dentist last week for my 6 month cleaning, and went back today for the last of my dental work that I needed done. Hopefully that's it for a LONG time!!!

Taylor is doing well. Cute as ever and still talking up a storm. I'll try and see if I can get it on video, but when we sing Old McDonald, during the e-i-e-i-o part, she says YAYAYAYA (which is her e-i-e-i), it's too funny.

Holden graduated from obedience class on Tuesday. We had a mock obedience trial with a judge that came, and he placed 2nd out of his class of about 15! I was very proud of him. Of course getting him to listen at home is a different story, lol.

I don't know if I've mentioned it or not but we've been planning a trip (Taylor and I) up to Nebraska to see my Grandma Ivy and Grandpa Ron. I haven't seen them in years and years and of course they've never met Taylor. Drew is saving his leave for a wedding he's going to next month and for when the bean is born. So Taylor and I are leaving next Tuesday to go up to Nebraska.

I have an OB appointment Monday so I'll go to that, then Tuesday we'll get up and leave. We're going to drive to Oklahoma City and stay at my friend Jennifer's house (she was our neighbor in England). She had a baby in October so it will be neat to meet him also!

We'll get up on Wedneday and drive to Wichita, KS and stop and have lunch with another friend from England that is stationed there now, then we'll finish our drive to Omaha!

Not sure how long we're staying yet, but I'll keep you posted.

On the bean front I had a scare this week. Somehow i managed to get shocked pretty strong from an electrical outlet on Monday. I called the on-call nurse at the OB and all she said was "well if you start bleeding, go to the E.R." So of course all night and the next morning every time I had a little cramp, or pressure or anything I was running to make sure I wasn't bleeding. I called the OB the next day and they went ahead and me come in Wednesday morning to have a listen and sure enough the bean was fine. Had a nice strong heart rate of 130bpm.

Taylor and I are going to playgroup tomorrow morning, then Saturday I have Mom's Day Out for a few hours with the play group Moms. That will be fun! OB appointment Monday, and Tuesday we leave!

Haven't been taking any pictures lately, but I'm sure i'll have more soon! I did get picture of Taylor in pigtails for the first time! So here's that!! Complete with food all over her face, haha.

I'll post more when I can!

Sunday, 1 March 2009


Alrighty, finally got some more pics for you!

Thursday we went to playgroup at Chuck E Cheese, she really likes it there, but again, still isn't sure what to think about the other kids! I didn't really get any of her playing as I wanted to have my hands ready since she was climbing on a lot. Plus she doesn't stray to far from my leg on solid ground, lol.

Eating a cracker and sharing my salad.

A big Cheeser for the Cheeseman
So tired after all that playing

These are from today. We were spending some time outside getting exercise and she was being a ham for me!

Yeah, she's cute

I'm comin' to get you ! GRRRR!!
Pulling a little Michael Jackson move
There's a Birdie up there too! (And mom, will you fix my hair clip already!)

"Birdie"(No, Flower), "Birdie"

Why do you keep calling my name?? But thanks for fixing my hair.

Did somebody say cheese???A normal half smile.

When asked what a Birdie says..this is the response (insert almost whistle noise here)
The end (i.e. stop taking my picture now!)

That's today for ya!