Sunday, 26 August 2007

Guess what??? Still waiting!!

Nothing exciting to post this week unfortunately, but since I promised I'd update at least weekly, here I am! One week and 2 days until our ultrasound, yeah!! I'm getting anxious and excited! I wish I didn't have to work this week, because the days seem to fly by so much faster when I'm not at work! Funny how that happens.

I've decided the baby is going to come out with a black belt in Karate (or Taekwondo) as s/he has been assaulting me from the inside for 3 days straight now. Hopefully this has no bearing on how active s/he is going to be once outside of the womb! Well, one can hope anyway.

Drew and I did a car boot sale (like a garage sale out of the back of your car) today trying to unload some of our junk that we don't use and is taking up space. We spent 5 hours sitting out with our stuff and we made a grand total of £4 (about $8). Well, at least it was sunny and we spent some time outside.

Still waiting on a hard copy of our orders to get the ball rolling on moving. You'd think they wouldn't make it so difficult to obtain them. Hopefully we'll get them this next week and can get working on things. I still can't get ahold of anybody with a quote for me for Cossie. The one guy we got a quote from a while ago isn't returning calls and apparently we aren't the only ones. Not a very good businessman if you ask me! So, it might end up costing us a little bit more in the long run, but at least we'll get him home!

That's all for now, if I get any more news I'll update, otherwise I imagine it will be another slow week. I hope everybody has had a great weekend!


Sunday, 19 August 2007

20 Weeks - Half Way!

Yay! Half way there!!

Things are going pretty smoothly. I've gained a total of 10lbs up until now. I'm hoping I can keep it steady enough to not gain more than another 15lbs, but I'm trying to keep realistic as well. I know I'm just now getting into the growth spurt period!

I'm showing a little, but not a lot. Although I do have enough of a belly to do the "one hand over, one hand under" technique now! Okay, BARELY enough. The bean has been moving around like crazy the past two days. I've felt what seems to be a kick or a punch, which is different from the roll, and I think what might be a stretch? I can't wait until it's strong enough for Drew to be able to feel also!

Two weeks and 2 days until our ultrasound so we are getting excited. Anxious to find out if it's a bean or a bean-ette. Of course also to make sure everything is normal, but so far, so good, so I have no reason to expect anything.

So, here's your 20 week photos!

I'm still able to wear my regular jeans, though they get a little bit tight by the end of the day. I only have a couple pair of maternity pants that were given to me by a friend who just had a baby, so I might have to invest in a couple more pair soon.

So in about 2 months we should be back in the states! We are getting really excited about coming home. We sure miss everybody. So Louisiana isn't quite where we wanted to be, but hey, at least we will only have land between us, right? Drew wants to buy a house there so I've been looking into realators and at the areas to buy. Not that either one of us have any clue what we are doing, but hopefully we will figure it out. There's such a long wait list for base housing (2 years), and if they are going to give us a housing allowance, why throw it away on rent when we can get something out of it, right? They tell us it's a growing area and a buyers market right now, so hopefully that's true!

Well, off for now. We're going to see the Bourne Ultimatum on base tonight and I have some cleaning to do before we go. I hope everyone is doing well!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


It's been so hectic I forgot to leave an update last week! Yikes!!

Well, for those of you who don't know, it looks like we're going to be stationed at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. We're still waiting on a hard copy of orders for final confirmation, but that's what his online file says.

Things are going okay with me. I feel the baby move pretty regularly now, almost every day a little bit though it's still really light feeling. I went to the doctor yesterday for pain in my left foot, knee and elbow and she said I essentially have the equivalent to carpal tunnel of those areas. Due to the excess fluid in my joints from the pregnancy I probably injured the joints at the gym and now the nerves in those areas are compressed and causing pain. My elbow and knee are the worst, my elbow feels like when you hit your funny bone, only it requires very little pressure on the area to cause the pain to shoot up my arm. Same with my knee, which is difficult when I'm trying to get my butt off the floor! Even climbing into bed and putting weight on that knee hurts. So, the doc said I should really avoid the gym for now and stick to walking to keep from injuring myself further. Great! So much for keeping my weight gain controlled, I'll have to walk a LOT!

Also, our ultrasound got rescheduled to Tuesday the 4th instead of Monday since it's a holiday. When I made the appointment they hadn't blocked out the books yet so they had to call and reschedule it. I'm so impatient!

That's all for now!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

18 weeks!

Here it is, your 18 week update! Can you believe in 2 more weeks I'll be half way done!? I can't!! I'll post the most fun stuff first, my picture! I definitely see an expansion from 2 weeks ago! What do you think?

Of course I'm overly critical of myself as usual and I think I just look chubby rather than pregnant, but there's not much I can do about that. Drew, bless his sweet little heart, saw the pic and said, "Wow, that's a big difference! Is it just me or does your butt look bigger too???" He immediately received Jen's death stare. However, he has a +10 resistance to the stare of death so he's still with us, and all is well.

We have begun to discuss names as well. We were going to wait until after the ultrasound, but decided we didn't want to be biased on name choosing since the U/S can always be wrong. I wanted to put an equal amount of thought into both names. I'm sure we wont have one PICKED by the time the U/S comes, but I'm hoping we have a general idea. We seem to be on somewhat of the same page with boy names and have a few picked that we like. Carson, Caden and Hayden. We're still at a loss for middle names. For girls, I only have one name that I really want which is Lyric, but Drew really doesn't like it. We somewhat agreed on alternate names, but I'm not overly thrilled with any of them. So far we have Alexis, Emberly and Rhianna (pronounced -AHNA, not -ANNA). Middle name for a girl will most likely be Ann. Of course, suggestions are always welcome. :)

Oh! I thought I felt the baby move last night when I was laying in bed, but I only felt the feeling once, and waited and waited but I didn't feel it again. It was different than anything else I have felt up to this point though, and it certainly didn't feel like gas!

I had the BEST breakfast this morning! There was a book at the bookstore called I'm pregnant! Now what do I eat? I didn't buy it, but I skimmed through it and saw this recipe for Blueberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast. I made a mental note of the recipe and I made it this morning. SO GOOD!!!! I used fresh blueberries and light cream cheese and organic artisan wheat bread. I used one egg and one egg white to soak the bread in, and topped it with a little bit of buttermaple syrup. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! I won't be able to have it THAT often, but for a Sunday morning treat, it was DELICIOUS!

Nothing else really to update. I'm suppose to call next week to schedule the ultrasound. It should be the first week of September. I'm getting anxious to know if we have a little girl, or little boy in there so I can stop calling it, "it" or "bean" (although it's the size of a sweet potato now at around 6 inches and 7 oz). Oh, and it's been a BEAUTIFUL week here! Finally! A little bit of much needed sun, today there isn't a cloud in the sky (yet). Cossie and I went for a long walk this morning to get some sun and exercise (much needed after that breakfast)! I think the weather topped out at 76 degrees yesterday, today it's 79 at almost noon. EXCELLENT! I think I'll go out and get some more vitamin D. Don't worry, I'll put on my sunblock.