Thursday, 23 April 2009

So I haven't updated in a while...

It's been BUSY!!! I'll have to post pics later, but for now I'll just give my update.

Last week I was busy getting things done around the house. I did some landscaping in the front yard (made a new bed and planted a few plants), I cleaned out the garage so we could park TWO cars in there. I painted the hallways, entry way and laundry room. They are the same color as they were before, just REAL paint instead of the primer paint stuff that the contractor used that doesn't clean so well! I also cleaned just about every room in the house from top to bottom. I didn't get to our closet, but that's okay!

Sunday I did a candid photoshoot for a Purity Ball for the Ark-La-Tex Crisis Pregnancy Center. It was a good time, but a long event! I still need to process the pictures and get them up on my website for the event coordinator. I told her I had a busy week though so it might take me some time.

Monday I drove to Dallas to pick up Drew and Taylor from the airport. When I saw Taylor I ran up to give her a hug and she stared at me like I was a stranger then reached for Drew. My heart was breaking into itty bitty pieces!!! She forgot me after a week!! She was REALLY tired though and she was speaking to me again after she had a nap.

So we got home, and pretty much went right to bed. The next morning Taylor and I got up and drove to New Orleans (a 5.5 hour trip) to go pick up Mom who was there for a work convention. We stayed the night there at the hotel with her (though nobody slept much!) and yesterday we got up and had breakfast, then headed back home (with Mom!).

Drew took tomorrow off (he's been working 12's since he got back), and we are going to go see Disney on Ice at 10:30. That should be fun! I hope Taylor enjoys it. We don't have any other plans for Friday so we'll probably just hang out.

Saturday Mom has to be at the airport in New Orleans at 1, so her and I will get up and I will take her back and Drew is going to stay home with Taylor. That will be a long day, but hopefully it will go smoothly with just Mom and I. She originally was going to rent a car, but it was crazy expensive and I thought it would be nice if we could spend a little extra time together to visit even if it was driving!

Monday I have an eye appointment, hopefully my prescription will be the same so I can keep my glasses the same and I'm getting checked for contacts as well. It will be nice to be able to wear sunglasses again, I'm getting wrinkles from all the squinting I do, especially in the sun!

Otherwise things are going great. Baby is kicking like crazy and getting stronger and stronger every day. I've begun to question my ultrasound and the fact that they told me it was a boy. I'm sure she knows what she is looking at, but she didnt' really point out what all the parts were (legs, etc), and I'm confused on how that could possibly be his little thingy! Most "it's a boy" shots are spread eagle with the obvious anatomy clear as day. I just see a pointy thing and I can think of at least 10 other pointy things it could be!!! So I'm taking my picture back with me to my appointment on the 7th so the doctor can tell me what exactly it is I'm looking at to ease my mind! I really want to start "decorating" but am afraid to start with the boy stuff and have him not be a boy! Yikes!!

So that's it for now!!! It might be a few more days before i can update, but hopefully I will have pictures and stuff for you! I need to do another preggers pic as well!

Hope everyone is doing great!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's A.....


So I had my U/S today and he showed us his little boy parts! Now we get to start looking at a million names!

He looked great on the ultrasound and was measuring right on track. The only concern the Dr. had was that my placenta is lying a little low for 20 weeks. She said that it usually will come up but it's something to watch. She will check again at 28 weeks to see if it is better. In the meantime she said the only concern is if there is any bleeding or preterm labor. So to keep an eye out for those things and we'll check again in a coupe of months (of course I'll have my regularly scheduled appointment next month).

So Drew and Taylor made it to San Diego, and sounds like they are having a good time! I wish I could be there too, but somebody had to hang back with the animals. I've been keeping busy around the house getting little projects done that I've been wanting to do for a while. I miss my hubby and baby girl though! I keep checking the baby monitor for Taylor to wake up out of habit. Silly me!

Anyway, here's the ultrasound pics that I got. I think he looks like Drew! The first pic is his profile, and the second pic is his.. thingy!

And with that! I'm off to do a few dishes and jump in bed! G'night!

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Photoshoot today

So we had OUR photoshoot for the Pontiac magazine today. Well, it was our second one, the first one didn't go so well. This one was much better even though we still had a few things working against us (like sun!). Thought I'd share the pics with ya compliments of Raz Photo.

This one was actually from our first shoot. Giving her glare look.
We had a wonderful dinner at the Baldingers tonight! Betty's parents are here from Mexico, and they brought with them Tamales! We also had some bean soup and queso stuff ( I can't remember the names in Spanish for them) and tortillas. It was SOOOOOOOO good! Taylor inhaled it too! We finished off with some Mexican cookies, yum! I wish we could invite them over to our house for dinner, but with the dogs and cat it's like allergy central over here.

Tomorrow is Easter, and then Taylor and Drew leave on Monday. We'll take Holden to the kennel for the night since I don't think he can hold his bladder for the roughly 7 hours it will take me to get there and back. Cossie has a bladder of steel so he will be fine.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter Sunday!

Friday, 10 April 2009


So there were Tornadoes all around us last night. One actually came through Shreveport/Bossier City and Haughton, thankfully it missed us, but barely!

It did tear it's way through base and they had the main roads at the front gate closed for clean up.

I downloaded a few pictures from the newspaper website to share.

Anyway, we are okay! There was a lot of rain and hail and wind, but no damage on our street that I saw. Whew!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

15 Month Appointment

So Taylor had her 15 month appointment today!

She's still little miss petite at 29 inches, and she finally hit 20 lbs (and 1 oz)! Her head circumference is 47 cm I think. She didn't write that one down for me so I'm not 100% sure. SO she's in the 10th percentile still for height/weight, and 75th for head circ.

She said that she's doing great, and is advanced as far as her speaking goes! I was rattling off all the words she says and she said she's almost talking as much as they expect from a 2 year old! She needs to go in and get a couple of vaccines (the immunizations clinic was closed while we were there) but she said that she doesn't need to come back again until she's 2 since she's doing so fantastic.

So we've been thinking about what we are going to need for the new kidlet and had planned on getting a matching crib to Taylor's and the Armoire that goes with her set and they would share a room for now. We would switch and give them the bigger room, and put my scrapbooking stuff and our computer in the smaller room. Of course they JUST discontinued the her bedroom set in the natural color. You can still get it in cherry, but of course that wouldn't really work. Go figure!

They do still make the matching toddler bed however, so I think we're going to get the toddler bed for Taylor. She wont be quite ready for it yet, but since the baby will be in the bassinet for a couple of months it will get her a little closer to 2 and we'll see about switching her over. Then the baby can use the crib that will convert into a toddler bed when he/she is ready.

Speaking of he/she, FIVE more days until we can tell which one (hopefully)! No big plans for Easter, I have baskets for Taylor and Drew and if it's not raining we'll do an Easter egg hunt for her. We have some steaks I think we'll BBQ up. I was going to make a ham, but decided since Drew and Taylor are leaving on Monday there is no way I could eat all the left overs before they go bad so I'll just do one of our other favorites!

Oh, Taylor has picked up a few new words. I'm not sure if I mentioned them or not. She says CAR, HOT, BUBBLE, and GONE. She uses them in the right context, but she also uses them a lot of other times, lol. Each time figures another one out she practices it on everything until she learns another one.

That's it so far, nothing else really exciting this week. Just been keeping busy doing household stuff and getting out for fresh air and exercise when we can. In between the rain and storms, it's a good time of year for weather!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Early Egg Hunting

Our neighbors invited us to go to the Norton Art Gallery today to take some photos, and do an easter egg hunt with the girls. We had a lot of fun! Anyway, I have lots of pictures, so let me get to them!

Delany and Taylor

Dada and Taylor

The Baldinger Family
Hmm, what kind of trouble can I get in?
I'm comin' after YOU


Mrs. Baldinger opening an egg for Taylor (Betty filled them with gerber puffs, just for Taylor!)
Betty and Steve, so cute!
Mama helping Taylor hunt for eggs.
Dada helping Taylor open eggs.

Examining their loot.
She dropped a puff in the grass.

On the way home.
Delany gave Taylor some cool sunglasses and Taylor wanted to wear them tonight. Here she is, our super star (and exhibitionist)!!!

I did a senior photo shoot with a local photographer (who is also military). It was his shoot so I can't post the photos on my website directly, but I was very pleased with it all! You can see them on my photo site ( under other > Raz and the password is 1. I definitely learned a lot!

So this week, Taylor has her 15 month well baby appointment on Thursday. We have another Easter egg hunt on Wednesday. I'll be getting htem ready to go to CA next Monday and of course Easter is Sunday so I'm not sure what we'll do for that yet!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Baking and Preggie pics

Okay, I finally took some preggie pics that actually show a little preggie! I'm 18.5 weeks already, can you believe it? I've been feeling the bean bouncing around pretty regularly for about a week and a half now. Every day I can feel little punches and kicks. I sure do love that feeling!

Anyway, here's the pics:

The other day I made some mini cupcakes for a gift I was working on (and a bunch to send with Drew to work) and Taylor wanted to see what I was doing. I showed her how we mixed the batter and then let he help me clean the bowl after wards!

Crazy kid has been sleeping like crazy. She goes to bed between 8 and 8:30 and sleeps until 9 or 10 am! It's so wonderful when she wakes up, she stays in her crib and plays until we get up and go get her. It's such a nice change from the screaming she used to do! At night she no longer wants rocked and a song (which was more difficult for ME to give up than her!). After her teeth are brushed she turns out the bathroom light, and her bedroom light, then gives a kiss and gets put in her crib. Sometimes she'll cry for a minute or two, and sometimes she just plays with her glow seahorse for a little bit (it plays music too so we can hear it through the monitor) then goes to sleep. I'm glad that transition finally occured. I hope it holds up!

We've been keeping busy. Sunday I did a photo shoot for a 3 yr. old girl and 5 yr. old boy. They are on my photo website ( in my gallery under clients > Brittan. It went pretty well. A few technical errors, and difficulty getting them to make eye contact with the camera AND have a genuine smile, but we made do with what we could get! Mom says she is very pleased with them, so that's good.

We dropped the Trailblazer off yesterday at the dealership to get some things done (it had a blown fuse, and since it is still under warranty we just had them fix it), and then Drew came to Taylor's last music class with us so he could see how much she enjoyed it. Taylor was like a different kid with him there!

She's picking up a lot of new words, though she randomly says them. She understands just about everything we say I think. She's a pretty smart cookie. Maybe TOO smart. I fear she will be trouble, haha!

Today we had a photo shoot for a Pontiac magazine (Pontiac Performance). We are going to be featured in an article with them and had to have our picture taken with our car. It's a long story how it came about, but it did! I think it's more of a dealership type magazine that they give to people who are interested in getting a Pontiac. So anyway, that kept us busy today!

I don't think we have a whole lot planned for the rest of the week! I'd like to get some cleaning and yard work done, though it's suppose to rain tomorrow so the yard might have to wait until the weekend!

Saturday I'm shadowing a photographer for a senior portraits for the Haughton Beauty Queen. That should be fun, hopefully I'll learn a few things!

That's about all for now! Still feeling great, just gaining weight like crazy. I'm trying not to worry about it, but like last time it's still very difficult for me to accept. The doctor says I'm doing fine, so I guess I am!

Until next time!