Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ultrasound appointment

I still have to go to the doctor tomorrow, but I had my ultrasound today. According to the tech, my placenta looks good (will need confirmation from doc. tomorrow), and baby is measuring right on target.. 31 weeks and 3 days (can you believe it.. already!?). He is estimated as weighing a whopping 3lbs 14oz. right now. DEFINITELY a boy still! We've got the spread eagle pic this time.

I'm almost done with the room swap, it pretty much consumes all the time that Drew is home to watch Taylor. I'll post pics when I'm done. Having a hard time finding furniture for baby boy. We are limited on space and everything is either REALLY expensive, not currently available, or doesn't come in the natural finish.. go figure. Apparently the natural finish is no longer desirable and a lot companies aren't making it any more. Not sure how it would look with two different finishes in the same room, but we might not have a choice! GRRRR.

Well, back to work in the rooms, and then I need to break and make dinner. Hope all is well with everyone.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Man, what a week it has been.

Okay, I'll post as much as Taylor will let me.. if I can't finish I'll add more later! No pictures this time!

So Saturday night (a week and a half ago), Mom and Gary brought Alan to my Dad's house so he could drive back with me. We left Sunday morning around 10:30 but had to go a bit out of the way to Sacramento to pick up my Camera that had been getting repaired at a service center there. We got there and started heading to Louisiana by noon. The first day went relatively smooth. Taylor took a good nap, then fell asleep pretty close to her normal bedtime. We planned on driving until 1AM or so and then stop to get a few hours sleep (Taylor had been waking up around 7 so I figured that would give me a good 5 or 6 hours).

So we made it just to the AZ/NM border by 1AM and stopped. The hotel we stopped at ended up being kind of pricey, which wouldn't have been so bad had I actually gotten to SLEEP! After having slept for 5 hours in the car and being in yet another strange place Taylor just wasn't having anything to do with it. She was playing and running around if I put her down she would scream. She finally fell asleep about 5:30 and then got up at 7. I had about had it at this point, I should have just kept driving through the night if that's all the sleep I was going to get!

So we grabbed our continental breakfast on the way out the door and got back on the road. Since she had slept so little she was pretty crabby for the rest of the drive, but we kept going. We would stop and let her run around for a while when we got food but we didn't actually eat until we got in the car since eating kept her busy and quiet. We were going to make it home around midnight so we just decided to go for it. We pulled in right about 12:30 on Monday night, just a little bit after Drew got home from work!

Tuesday we tried to relax a bit, I ran to the grocery store because there was nothing here, and Drew went off to work. Alan and I hung out trying to recuperate from our drive knowing we had to go back to Dallas the next day. Drew had taken leave on Wednesday so he could stay home with Taylor. We planned to leave around 9am. All of a sudden Drew came home 3.5 hours early saying that he had an appointment on Wednesday morning at 8. What!? He said it was only suppose to take 2 hours so if we left right at 10 we would just make it to Dallas about an hour before Alan's flight.

Well 10 rolls around, no Drew. 10:15.. nothing. Not answering texts or calls. So we panic and grab Taylor and load up in the truck and take off. I was not a happy camper. He called as we were driving down the street and said that he hadn't even left yet. We still had to get gas so I told him to call if he got out in the next 15 minutes or so and we would just switch on our way by base. Of course we were 10 minutes past base when he got done, and we had NO time to turn around or wait so we kept driving and just took Taylor with us. She was not happy about being in the car again and pretty much cried the whole way there and back. At least there I had Alan to help me.

We made to to the airport with 40 minutes before his flight took off but we could not find his terminal to check in! It was 100 degrees outside and we were running carrying Taylor trying to find his terminal. We finally found it, got him automatically checked in and he made it through security and luckily his terminal was right on the other side so he made it just as they were calling for boarding. WHEW!!!!

So Taylor and I headed back home and she pretty much had a fit the entire time minus a 1 hour nap. We got home exhausted and not happy!

Thursday was my OB appointment. It was at 9 am and I was suppose to get my ultrasound to check my placenta, as well as get my glucose test (I had fasted for it) and see my OB. I get there at 10 til, and don't get called in until 9:45. Of course it was only for them to tell me that my Doc was delivering a baby and she wasn't even suppose to have OB patients scheduled on Thursdays, oh, and their ultrasound tech was out so I wouldn't be getting that today. They sent me up to the 4th floor to get my glucose test and then I was to come back and wait in between to see if my OB came in.

So I went up to the 4th floor where they ignored me for 15 minutes until I finally went up and asked them if it was going to be much longer. I was pretty hungry at this point! She looked at my paperwork and said they don't do the glucose test there and I had to go down to the first floor. Grrrr!! So down to the 1st floor I went.

Luckily they only took 15 minutes or so before they called me back to drink my glucose syrup. Then I went back upstairs to wait for my OB. I had an hour before my blood draw. Once I got up there they called me back in 10 minutes and got me in a room and got my stats. Then I waited... and waited... and waited... 45 minutes passed and I had to go back down to get my blood drawn so I popped my head out and said I had to go back downstairs and they told me to wait a second, pulled the doc out of the room and she spent 4 minutes with me to tell me that everything looks great and I need to get my U/S next time.

Of course the U/S tech is only there one day week that my doc sees OB patients, except for next week when my OB won't be there. So I have to go next Tuesday for my U/S, then next Wednesday for my OB appointment. I do start my OB appointments every 2 weeks now!

After that I RAN down to the 2st floor again to get my blood drawn, I was a couple of minutes late but they said that was okay. I guess my sugars were fine because they haven't called to tell me otherwise!

Friday I ran out in the morning to get some fruit and when I got home our A/C had broken and Drew was leaving for work. So I spent all day trying to get that taken care of. It got up to 95 degrees in our house at one point, the dogs were overheating, Taylor and I were sweating like crazy. . The guys finally got there to look at it and told us our compressor was shot. So, $1500 and a new compressor later we FINALLY had air. They got it installed about 5pm, and it took until Midnight for it to even get down to 80, but BOY did that 15 degrees make a difference!

Saturday Drew started his week of 12 hour shifts. I had been invited to girls night out but had to decline since Drew was going to be gone. Then my neighbor offered to watch Taylor for the day since Drew wasn't going to be here so I could get a break and get some things done.

Well, Drew texted me at 10:30am and said he should be home within the hour so I canceled with my neighbor to watch Taylor and told her I'd be able to go to girls night out.... except Drew never got out! So I ended up not getting my free time, OR girls night out. I was pretty bummed.

I think Taylor is getting pretty tired of me to be honest, she has been throwing temper tantrums all day long since we've been back, and heaven forbid I get out of her sight for more than 30 seconds. If Drew is here she does okay, but if she catches a glimpse of me she starts yelling and crying for me.

Yesterday we picked up the paint for the kids room (we decided to have them share a room afterall). I painted half a wall and wasn't sure if I liked it or not. I stopped and spent an hour looking at other colors debating whether i should keep going. I finally decided that it would probably look better once I finished so I finisehd 3 walls (one wall has to wait until we move furniture around). I get up this morning... and I hate it. It matches the sets okay, but it's not a very happy green and I don't think I could live with it without going Ugh.. whenever I came in the room.

I compared it with the green in Taylors current room (a much happier green) and both sets go fine with that green too, so I think I am going ot get more of that and go with the lighter green. Go figure!

So, the plan for the next week. Drew and I are going to dinner and a movie Friday night. Betty (my neighbor) is going to watch Taylor for us. Saturday and Sunday I want to try and get the rooms straightened out so we can start preparing better for the baby. I know I wont have time AFTER he comes so I'd like to get as much done as I can now. I have a feeling the next 9 weeks are going to FLY by.

So next Tuesday afternoon is my ultrasound to check my placenta and Wednesday is my Ob appointment to tell me what the ultrasound said.

So that's it for now! I'm still trying to work on pictures from the rest of the trip, but I haven't had a lot of time with Drew being on 12's and Taylor being a crabby pants! I'll update more when I can!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


We made it home safe late Monday night, and I took Alan to the airport today. I'll post more later, but just wanted to let everybody know that we are alive and in one piece... almost rested even!