Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A picture is worth a thousand words?

So we've been pretty busy this month...again. Okay, really... when are we NOT busy anymore??? Getting photos processed and uploaded takes the longest...I've been trying to take more photos in an uploadable format so I can do it faster, but I forget. Anyway.... not many words today, but here are some photos from July! I'll post more later, but here are some to tide you over for now. :)

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Well, after a SUPER LONG MONTH, we are still here and alive!

Drew worked some crazy shifts, then spent 10 days in North Dakota at Minot AFB. In the meantime, the kids and I were going to appointments, and classes, and trying to keep as busy as possible to get through these long days without Dada!

First off, let me give you an update on Carson. He is doing MUCH better. A few weeks ago, we had the WORST DAY. It started off, little man woke up with a rash all over his legs and some on his arms. I called the doctor and she said they had me bring him in. She determined it was some type of contact allergy, though we weren't sure what from (maybe sunscreen?). She gave me a prescription for benadryl so we picked that up and came home.

He took a short nap, then woke up and I was trying to feed him and he kept doing this weird seizure looking activity. He would arch his back and squeeze his eyes shut and push his arms out, and scream while he was doing it. He had done something similar before, but never this many times in a row. He was almost doing it non stop for 30 minutes or so. I called the nurse back and she said to take him to the pediatric ER on the far side of town.

As soon as Drew got home to stay with Taylor, we hopped in the car and left. Of course at that moment, a severe thunderstorm decided to strike and I was forced to drive 20mph on the freeway, the rain was so thick I could barely see, it was freaking me out a little.

We finally made it to the ER, soaking wet. The doctor checked him out, and was concerned that they might be complex partial seizures, so he called Carson's neurologist to consult with him. They decided to start him on an anti-epileptic until we could get back in with the neuro.

By the time we got home, we were all exhausted and was in no mood to figure out dinner, so we decided to go out to eat. While I was making Taylor's plate, I cut up a piece of honeydew melon for Carson. A few second later I glanced at him and he was choking on the stupid melon. I'm not one to panic when they are choking, Taylor used to inhale food so fast she'd often choke on little pieces of things and I'd quickly give her the baby heimlich and it would come right up. So, I whipped him out of his seat, and did the same thing. He started crying, so I assumed the melon had come up, but when I sat him vertical, he started choking again. Each time I would put him on his belly and start giving little blows to his back, I'd here him gasp for air and let out a little cry, but every time I sat him up...he'd start choking again. At this point I started to panic when I couldn't get it out, so I yelled for the waitress to call 911. She was standing there the whole time so she had her phone out and ready. I ran up to the front still giving him the baby heimlich trying to get the melon dislodged.. I knew he was getting some air because he'd let out a cry now and then and I could hear him getting small breaths in, but I could not sit him up. I was so scared that I was going to lose his airway that I was afraid to move, and he just had tons of saliva pouring out of his mouth. Finally (after about 3 minutes), the ambulance showed up, and they got us in and checked him out. They couldn't see the melon and they could hear him getting air so they suctioned out his mouth and they decided that he was choking on the mucous that was forming each time he would gag.. which would in turn make more mucous. They suctioned him out some more and had me sit him up and let him calm down, and eventually caught his breath and was fine. Of course, I was bawling by this point, and shaking like crazy. I just wanted to go home.

We got our dinner to go, and came home and all went to bed early.

Worst. Day. Ever.

That was Wednesday, so fast forward to that Friday and we went to his 9 month well-baby appointment. It was a little late, he was actually almost 9.5 months by this point. I have been concerned about his gross motor skills. He still doesn't put his arms out to stop himself from falling over when he's sitting. He wasn't pulling up, but was army crawling a little. While I was filling out the paperwork I was marking "doesn't do this yet" on a lot of the gross motor skills section.

Luckily he has a really pro-active pediatrician (I love her!) and she agreed that we should get him a physical therapy consult to see what they thought. I also showed her the video of Carson's seizure like episodes and then as soon as she watched it, he had one right in front of her. She asked me if he had ever shown signs of acid reflux and I said no, not that we had noticed. She then asked me if I ever heard of Sandifer's Syndrome and I said no. She told me that it's something that's associated with acid reflux and that his movements looked a lot like it. She put in a consult for a pediatric GI doc as well.

So, the following Tuesday we went to the neurologist, and he watched the video and said that those were not seizures and had us stop the anti-epileptic med. He said to follow up with the GI doc to see about Sandifers. We go back to the neuro in October to hopefully be released from his care.

The next Monday (last Monday) was our GI consult. I didn't care for the doctor, but he said the video does look a lot like Sandifers and ordered an Upper GI, as well as starting him on Prevacid, a slow releasing acid blocker. We started that and it seems to be making a BIG difference. Not right away, but now that it's been almost 2 weeks, his episodes have gotten a lot less frequent. Last Thursday was his upper GI. We went in, he had to drink some barium (poor kid was so hungry since he wasn't allowed to eat 4 hours prior, he practically inhaled the barium!) then they took a series of several x-rays to see what it did in his belly. We are still waiting to hear the results, but since we haven't heard yet, I'm assuming we'll have to wait until our recheck appointment on the 19th of July.

Also Thursday he had his physical therapy assessment. Of course, in the week and a half since his doctors appointment, he started pulling up to his knees, and for a couple of days had been pulling up to his feet. He is still army crawling but boy can he fly! So, the physical therapist spent 45 minutes with him doing various tests and exercises to assess his development. We actually just received the written report in the mail today, but essentially, he's slightly (about a month or so) behind on his Locomotion skills. He's slightly ahead on his Stationary skills, and on track for his reflexes. She did show me some exercises to do with him to get him working on his locomotion skills (crawling on all 4's, his protective extension reactions, and standing activities). As long as he keeps on this path, we don't need to take him back, but if he continues to show, or shows more delay, then we will need to reassess his development, but for now.. we're good!

Poor Taylor has been having it rough this last month. She has been showing increasing signs of sibling rivalry. Pushing Carson and chucking things at him. It's hard to blame the kid, with Carson's medical issues and a lot of doctors appointments, and Drew working so much, she hasn't gotten a lot of one on one attention with either of us. It breaks my heart, and I try to do as much as I can, but there is only one of me.

I've been doing some reading on Montessori, and Waldorf teaching methods to try and incorporate into our daily activities. A lot of the problem I think, is that she is under stimulated and my problem is, I'm not sure how to show her how to do new things. We have begun to simplify the amount of toys and increase the imaginary play, as well as getting her hands on with helping me prepare meals and other things. It seems to help some, and I'm hoping we can keep adding things for her to do.

She is definitely a smart cookie! She's talking up a storm (as long as it isn't in public!) and comes up with new things every day to make us laugh. Lately she's been asking "What's That?" about everything. She adds, "huh?" at the end quite often, and I have no idea where she picked that up at! She'll say "What's that, huh?", "Who's that, huh?" Silly goose.

Drew came home on Tuesday afternoon, went in to work Wednesday for a while to in-process, then worked day shift today. He has FOUR WHOLE DAYS OFF, YAY!!! Then starts back normal swing shifts on Tuesday. We are excited to have Dianne (Drew's Mom) here for a few days starting Saturday!

Taylor has been in absolute heaven having her Dada back. She really missed him a lot and it shows. Every time we would see a yellow car, or a man in BDU's, she would say "Hi, Dada!", then I'd have to explain to her that it wasn't Drew. It's very hard, but I'm glad this was just a short trip.

We have also signed her up for Dance classes in the fall. She will be in the 2 year old class on Monday afternoons. I wanted to do gymnastics, but she can't do it on her own until she's 3, and if I have Carson with me, I can't do it with her, so we thought we'd start with something else that she can do for now to see if she likes it. She does love to dance at home, but she also loves to tumble!

Mom's Day Out is going well. She loves to go to "school" and she learns a lot... but apparently in class she never says a word. She's been going for 6 months now and hasn't made a peep. But she plays and participates, and she comes home telling me all about it. She marches to the beat of her own drum... that's my girl!

We are still going to playgroup 1-2 times a week, music class for both kids on Wednesday and sometimes we meet up with our sweet neighbor Martha and her kids Boston and Baylor as well to play. Boston is about 6 months older than Taylor and Baylor is about a month younger than Carson so they all get along well.

I've been hanging in there. Exhausted, because I stay up to late at night working on projects and other things. I've even taken to catching a 30 minute or so nap during the day if I can manage to get both kids to sleep at the same time. Usually they will overlap a little, but Carson is a short napper so it's not usually much of one for me either! I'll take what I can get if it gets me through the day. Also been a little stressed about parenting two kids. Wanting to be able to give everything I have to both of them, and realizing that it doesn't seem to be enough. I'm so thankful that I have a supportive hubby that is so involved with the kids whenever he can be. He never hesitates to keep them both so I can catch a breather, or split them up so we can get some one on one time with each of them, he does most of the outdoor stuff with Taylor since it's so hot and humid for Carson and I.

Drew is really tired of working long shifts, but the exercise should finally be over and he can get back to his regular schedule and have weekends again! I'm glad for him, and for us, because we love having him around!

I'm going to attempt to upload some photos, we will see if blogger is going to agree with me tonight!

Okay, these aren't exactly in chronological order, but I tried. :) Blogger uploads backwards so I always have to rearrange everything and it gets a little tedious so I usually end up just grouping them with the event!

Taylor waking up from a nap to the dogs, they like to give her kisses good morning.
Drew and Carson after giving the kids a bath.
A genuine smile from our little princess.
and the little man too!
He sure loves his pops.

This always makes my heart melt. When they are eating next to each other, Taylor often reaches a hand over to Drew's arm and rests it there. Just telling him that she loves him in her own way. She continues to eat one handed, but you can feel the love there!
and Carson is just happy to have his Cheerios. At a playgroup Birthday Bash at the park. Carson and Miss Bella.
Taylor eating her cupcake.
For some reason I like this photo, she seems like she's growing up so fast!

Sporting his cool hat.
His first time in a swing! He did really well hanging on tight, and he thought it was a blast!

We went berry picking with our friends early one morning. I think it was about 8:30 am before it got too hot, but we were still sweating buckets with the humidity!

Carson was pretty unhappy at this point, but we kept moving trying to keep him consoled. This was around the time he started having a lot of his episodes.
Taylor picking blackberries
She actually spent most of the time playing in dirt.
Learning about which ones were ready to be picked.
With her walking stick.
Some fruits of our labor! I guess vegetables would be the better word ;) Our first take from our garden....curly cucumbers! We made a cucumber salad and it was YUMMY!

Our first tomato, but we never got to eat it (or the next two), the bugs beat us to it. Maybe the next one will get ripe before the bugs find it!Big sister and little brother, coloring!
He's such a ham!

A couple of my projects while Drew was TDY. Recovered the kitchen chairs in laminated cotton. Easily wipeable, and a fun pattern!
I must be on a damask kick because I recovered the glider as well. The ottoman had broken, so I repaired it and since I was doing that I went ahead and recovered the whole thing since it was getting dingy and worn. It's seen a lot of use in the last couple of years!

Love this photo of Taylor, I just want to squeeze her!

At another playgroup, a pool party this time! The hostess had a play set as well, so Taylor was in the big girl swing! Doesn't she have the cutest skinny little legs??

He's going to hate me for this one later. I ran off without his hat and it was pretty sunny out, so one of the other Mom's had an extra hat for her daughter, and we borrowed it. Notice he's NOT smiling this time. Don't tell him I posted this on the web.
She did not want to get out of this pool! First one in, last one out!

So happy to have his Dada back!

Both of them are!
Happy pants.
My wonderful man, and our babies!

That's it for now! Not sure when I'll get to post next, but we should have more time since Drew will be working normally. We haven't planned out the next month very well yet. I know Dianne will be here until the 7th, and then my Mom is coming at the end of the month. Carson has an appointment on the 19th, otherwise it will be the same ol' routine! I'll take photos when I can to post, but it's a lot harder when you have TWO kids trying to grab the camera and usually somebody in my arms! It's always out, I just need to pick it up when I have a free, clean, hand. :)

Love to you all!