Thursday, 28 May 2009

Ultrasound Video

Well, it's not the whole video, but I was able to upload some of it for you to see!! It's still pretty long at almost 7.5 minutes!!!

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Ultrasound pics from today

Well I went and had the 3D ultrasound today, it was too cool!!!!!! I always thought the 3D images were kind of creepy, but when it's your own kid it's different! We got a CD of the images as well as a DVD of the whole session set to music. He was moving around a lot, AND he was in a really awkward position so it was hard to get clear photos but the sonographer did her best! I don't think I can upload the video, but I can do the pics for now! So here's a bunch!!

Here are his boy parts. He had his legs straight up so on the left hand side of the screen you can see his little booty and his kickstand pointing out to the right!

I think he looks like Drew here.

Cute little skinny legs.

Monday, 25 May 2009

One week down..lots o' pics!

Well, the first week and few days was a busy one! It took a couple of days for us to catch up on sleep. Then we hung out around town doing a few things. Sunday night I actually went to a movie with one of my girlfriends from high school! It was fun! Apparently Drew went to the movies this week too with one of his work buddies.

Taylor "playing" piano!

My Brother Shawn and I

Wednesday mid-morning, Taylor and I headed up to Chico to go see my Grandma Lou for a few days. We enjoyed our visit, she LOVED going up and down the stairs at Grandma's house! She also enjoyed "playing" with Grandma's dog Sugar. Though Sugar wasn't quite as excited to have little Taylor there with all of her toys.

Poor Sugar having to share!

Not sure she wants to sit with Great Grandma.

Okay, I'll sit.

Laughing at Taylor being funny.

We need a tripod so Mom could get in the photo too!

I don't think Grandma Debye was feeling the love here.

Saturday morning we got up early and went to meet Mom, Gary and Alan at Uncle Steve's house to go out to the houseboat. We got there about 9:45am and stayed out there all day. Taylor did relatively well wearing her life jacket on the boat considering how bulky it was. We went swimming in the lake and even on a boat ride! She loved it even if she was a little cranky from being up early.

Mama and Taylor going swimming.

Pretty blue eyes.

Uncle Alan getting ready for a swim.

Driving the boat with Great Uncle Steve

Riding with Grandpa Gary

Playing with some friends on another boat.

Thinking about taking off with the Houseboat too!

We struggled a bit a naptime, it took two tries to actually get her to go to sleep. The first time I had gone in and apparently my purse was just within reach so she had gotten my wallet out and spread it's contents all over her pack n' play! What fun!!

We headed back to Grandma Lou's that night after we BBQed and got there about 10pm, Taylor was TIRED!

The next morning we left back for Sacramento where we met some of my best friends for lunch. It was so good to see them again! After lunch we headed to my Aunt Yas and Uncle Robs house for my cousins Graduation party. It was a bit overwhelming for Taylor as there were a LOT of people there, most of the strangers and a lot of them loud! She did okay, but definitely was having some separation issues if I wasn't in her sight at all times. She did get to hang out with her cousin (my cousins Daughter) who is about 4 or 5 months younger than her for a while. They were too cute, though I'm not sure what they thought about each other!

We all spent the night at Grandma Helga's (Gary's Mom) so she got to spend some time with yet ANOTHER Great-Grandma (and let me tell you she's quite confused about who exactly "Grandma" is at this point). We got back to Merced about 1 this afternoon.

I've been working on some things with her Uncle Alan for school so Grandma and Grandpa took Taylor for a very long walk today (she was in a stroller), and she did great! Plus I got some quiet time as well. Hopefully she will sleep well tonight as we've been having to get her up early this weekend and it's definitely showing in her attitude! She DEFINITELY needs her sleep!

This week will be relatively laid back. No big plans except the 3D Ultrasound on Wednesday in Modesto (about 45 minutes away). I'm also hoping to find SOMETHING to wear to these two weddings. You know how hard it is to find a decent dress for a pregnant person? Talk about feeling like Shamu in a mumu (is that a song?).

As I was writing this, I got called out to the backyard where Taylor was running in the sprinklers with Grandma and having such fun! I took lots of pictures so here they are!

This picture is actually from before we left for CA, but I thought it was cute so I wanted to share.