Thursday, 11 February 2010


Well, we've been back to having a crazy week. The kids are finally feeling better, so that's good.

Monday was a regular day. Taylor and I did some new activities that she enjoyed and we had fun together.

Tuesday I had to take Holden to the vet. He had a small pea sized mass, you can see it in this photo circled in red, it's just a teeny tiny thing:

Well, the vet aspirated it and looked at it under the microscope and it showed some abnormal cells, though she couldn't put a finger on what they were. They were definitely not right, so they recommended removing it ASAP. So, we scheduled him for the next day to have it removed.

After that Taylor and Carson and I went to my Weight Watchers meeting and they were both very good. It was Drew's day for a couple of hours of quiet time which he enjoyed while we were gone. We were going to go to a playgroup potluck that evening, but it got canceled.

Yesterday I dropped Holden off for his surgery, his blood work had come back and was all pretty normal. I came home, jumped in the shower and went to take Taylor to music class at 10. Well, apparently she had changed it to 9am this session and I didn't even notice on the form this time so we missed class!! Boy did I feel silly. Some of the other Mom's from the class often go out for lunch after class with the kids to Chick-Fil-A and invited us along. Since we missed class I figured it would be a good time to spend with Taylor and let her play with the other kids so we went off and did that.

While we were there, the vet called to let me know Holden came through his surgery just fine, but the tumor went a little bit deeper than the subcutaneous tissue, so she took a bit of the muscle too hoping to get wide margins in case it comes back cancerous. We should know in 3-5 days what the tumor is and what the next step is. I swear that dog is working his way down the list of genetic defects. What next?? Good thing he's handsome, and a good, sweet dog (if you ignore the poop eating and spastic anal glands).

After we left Chick-Fil-A (where Taylor had a lot of fun, and even ventured away from me a bit!) we went home and she went down for a nap (unwillingly). Carson went down for a nap shortly after, as did I! When everyone was awake, we went to pick up the dog and came home.

This morning we woke up to... SNOW! Taylor was so excited. I went to take her to Mom's Day Out and when we went out into the snow, she jumped up and down and pointed and said "LOOK! Snowing!! Oh, BOY!!" It was just too cute. I wanted to get some video, but I didn't have enough hands, so maybe tomorrow if it's still snowing. It didn't start sticking to this afternoon, but it is a little bit now, and still going! We might get anywhere from 2-4 inches of accumulation by morning, which isn't a lot compared to people who live where it snows regularly, but it will hopefully hang around long enough for Taylor to go out and play in, in the morning.

I took her to MDO, and ran a couple of errands and came home. Drew started a fire, and the 3 of us (Drew, Carson and I) hung out relaxing, watching the snow and hanging out in front of the fireplace.

Carson finally slept through most of the night last night, for the first time in over a week. We've all been exhausted. I hope to get through another night!

After picking her up, she hadn't napped there, so we put her down for a nap her, but she spent the whole time throwing a fit and tossing everything out of her crib. She finally passed out 30 minutes before it was time for her to come out.. but I let her sleep for a bit anyway.

Here's some pics from a few weeks ago. Drew and Taylor playing outside. She would slide down the slide and Drew would fling her up in the air (just a little bit). She thought it was a blast.

Carson was hanging out in his chair getting some fresh air.
Doing some tummy time in his jungle gym, he was looking and talking at me through the mirror.

I put him in his crib while I was putting some clothes away and he was watching his monkey mobile go around.

Taylor wanted in too, to hang out with her brother. She is really obsessed with getting in his crib, but we have only let her once or twice under supervision so she doesn't think she's entitled. I think they definitely look like brother and sister!
She wanted to "holdem" (hold him). She grabs the boppy and puts it on her lap and says "holdem, holdem please". It lasts about 30 seconds before she's done.

Here is our snow today. There was a lull in the snowfall and it started to melt a little bit so this wasn't at the whitest... it started snowing again in the evening though. See the smoke coming from our chimney in the back? Such a peaceful day!
The snow buildup on the G6 that was parked outside last night since Drew forgot the garage door opener.
That's about it for the past week (and some photos from before). I have a photo shoot tomorrow for a military event that I'm not looking forward. Somehow I got booked for it without really getting an option to agree to it... this will be my last one though for a while. I don't really care to do military events! I'm glad to have the experience, but they stress me out too bad!

I'm going to an exercise class on Saturday morning called Zumba. We will see how that goes. It's at 9am, and honestly, that's too early for this mama on a Saturday morning, but it's the only one I can make it to when Drew can be home with the kids. Otherwise we don't have many plans!

I'll try not to wait too long to update again!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Oh Hi!

I can't believe how fast time flies sometimes. It feels like I just updated this the other day and I look and it's been 3 weeks! Yikes.

I don't have any pictures right now, but I'll get some up for you. I just wanted to give you an update about what's been going on!

Right now we are sick, sick, sick!!! It started last Tuesday with Taylor. She started coughing in the afternoon. By the evening she was coughing so hard she was vomiting. On Thursday she hadn't improved any, and Carson started coughing too so I called Friday morning and got them an appointment with an off base Dr. for the afternoon.

We took them in and she checked their oxygenation and listened to them. Taylor was wheezing a little bit so she got a breathing treatment, but Carson was okay. She suspects they have RSV which caused Bronchiolitis. They were put on Prednisolone once a day, and liquid Albuterol three times a day.

Taylor is still coughing, but she hasn't vomited in a couple of days so I think she is improving. Carson however had been getting worse. I called the nurse on Sunday, and again today to ask about his symptoms, and they finally gave me a referral to go back to the doctor today. She listened to him and he was definitely worse, wheezing a lot. He got a breathing treatment at the doctor, and she sent him for xrays, but I don't think he has pneumonia since she didn't say anything and they haven't called yet. She did send us home with a nebulizer so we can do breathing treatments at home every 4 hours to help him breathe. Poor kid has lost his voice, so he sounds like an old man when he cries. It's very pathetic sounding and makes me want to cry with him.

On top of that I think they are both teething. Taylors gums are looking kind of swollen in the back so I think her 2 year molars are coming, and Carson's are looking swollen in the front so his first incisors might be coming in too. When it rains it pours! I've definitely been taking a physical and emotional beating this last week trying to keep them both happy and breathing this week. We've had a lot of scary moments especially when they start their coughing fits and can't catch their breath. I will be thankful when this is over.

I've caught the cold too, but my symptoms aren't quite as bad. I think yesterday was my worst day with a bad sinus headache and I have the sniffles and a cough, and my voice is also pretty raspy.

Saturday was a busy day. Somehow I got talked into doing a craft show on Saturday Morning, at the same time as I had a photo shoot for a Purity Ball that evening. This was before the kids got sick so I was originally going to take Carson with me. Then we decided he would stay home with Drew so he could get rest and Drew would bring him to me after his first nap so I could nurse him, then take them home again.

Well I spent two weeks preparing for the craft show.. staying up too late crocheting away. I made about 20 hats, and 40 flowers on clips in about 10 days and I sold.......... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It was a cold day (For LA) and there was not a lot of traffic that came through so I didn't sell a thing. I was pretty bummed, but apparently nobody else did that great either. Oh well, I'll list it up on my Etsy shop, and I wont have to crochet for a while! :)

The Purity Ball photo shoot went fantastic. I'm still processing all of the pictures but I should have them all done by Friday and uploaded. The event is so full of love and beautiful young ladies with their fathers, it really is amazing with a wonderful purpose. I can't wait to get these photos up for them, who knows. .maybe it will get me some more business as well!

Drew survived the day at home by himself with two sickies. I was very proud of him because I KNOW that it's not an easy task!

Taylor was suppose to start music class tomorrow, but she could still be contagious so we are skipping it. She also missed MDO last week, and she'll miss it this week, which is a bummer because she's always asking about "school".

Lets see.. milestones this month. Carson has been doing two things. He rolls over and over sometimes, but other times he'll roll onto his belly and then scream until somebody helps him back to his back. I don't know what that's about! We haven't been doing a lot of floor time lately because he can't breathe well when he's horizontal, so he's been spending a lot of time in my moby wrap on my chest, or in the jumperoo which he loves. I just ordered another type of carrier that can go on my back easily too so we'll see how he likes that. It's called a Mei Tai, Taylor can go in it too, they go up to 35lbs! I've really been getting into this Baby Wearing thing, I wish I would have found these wraps when Taylor was an infant. With my Moby wrap, I can shop the whole commissary and Carson will pretty much sleep the whole way. Plus the little Asian ladies that work there get a kick out of it (they are all asian inspired wraps/carriers).

He doesn't care to hang out in the bucket unless we are continuously moving, so the stroller with his bucket is great for walks, but when we are shopping or doing something that we need to stop a lot, I wear him so I can keep bouncing even if I'm stopped and he stays happy.

Taylor has been, well, 2. I guess this is normal. I really miss the days when she was happy all the time. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing something wrong, and why she's so angry. I'm sure she's got some cabin fever right now which doesn't help. We got a mini trampoline a while ago so she can let out some energy when she's in the house and that really works wonders. She loves to "bouncy bouncy", and we've been watching probably more movies than usual lately since we've been quarantined here.

She's been adding new vocabulary in leaps and bounds. She surprises me every day with a word she knows. She recognizes her name in writing now so every time she sees it she says "Taylor" and nods. She is also saying that she's a "big girl", and when Carson rolls over she pats his back and says "good boy!" It's pretty funny.

I can't really think of anything else. It's just been insanity here with the sickness and obligations. My brain is a little foggy as the last few weeks has run together! I'll get some pics up when I can, I've been taking some, though not many the last week or so since it would be full of runny noses and baggy eyes. :)

Love to you all