Tuesday, 9 September 2008

At goal!!!

Well, I made goal and I didn't all at the same time! Let me explain.

WW has ranges for what your ideal weight should be for your height. Mine tops out at 164. We had set my personal goal at 160 which is where I want to be ideally (well, maybe 155, but we'll see). Once you make that goal and maintain it for 6 weeks you no longer have to pay for WW as long as you stay no more than 2 pounds over goal. When I set my personal goal I didn't know that, I thought you just had to be in the WW range to stop paying.

So, today I was 160.8! .8 of a pound away from my personal goal. So, we changed my goal to 164, which I actually feel more comfortable with because it will give me some fluctuation room, particularly on this trip, and I can still work towards my personal goal! YAY!!!!!!!! Now I just need to maintain for 6 weeks, then I can become Lifetime! At that point I will only have to go weigh in once a month, stay in my range and I'll be good! I'll probably continue to go to the meetings weekly, because I have made some good friends there and I love learning about new ways to eat better, and I can offer my insight as well!

So here's to the next phase of life... maintenance!!!

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Betty said...

I truly admired you. You are a great inspiration for me.
Taylor as always adorable