Friday, 24 September 2010


I can't tell you how long it took for these to load! I seriously need to find a better way to share photos. All of these took over an hour! There's still TONS!!! But I'm exhausted and falling asleep at the computer so I'll have to try more later. I still need to share photos of Carson's first birthday!!!

Anyhoo.. here's Taylor modeling a dress I made for her. I'm loving sewing!

A baby bunny we had in our garden.. there were actually 3! They took off though, hopefully before it rained!
Taylor and Carson at the park.

Carson showing off a pattern Iwas working on.. I didn't care for this one (though it looks super cute) but I DID find anohter tie pattern I LOVE! I'll have to post that one later.
I also ran my first 5K!! The Susan G. Komen race for the cure! It took me right about 40 minutes which isn't great, but I finished it.. and I ran as much as I could!!! Well, more like jogged :) I had a great time and look forward to another 5K in my future! We had to be there EARLY though.. about 7AM (Drew and the kids came to support me!) and it was still in the 90s and humid by the time we got running at almost 9!!


Jennifer Magreevy said...

You know, you could always create photo albums on shutterfly or snapfish, then just put the link on the blog post. I think you can even password-protect stuff if you want only specific people to see the albums. Just a suggestion. I hate how slow blogger is too. I haven't uploaded photos onto my blog in ages. I just tell everyone to check out Facebook. :)

stampinsundevil said...
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stampinsundevil said...

Hi! Would love to know what patterns you used to make the cute dress and top for Taylor! Can you share?