Friday, 24 October 2008

Pumpkin Time!

We took Taylor for her first trip to the pumpkin patch today! She really likes pumpkins, but she was also pretty cranky so we didn't get TOO many pictures (although we still got quite a few). Here's several thousand "words" for your optical enjoyment!

Our pumpkin picks! The big daddy pumpkin for Drew. The skinny pumpkin (teehee) for Jen. And the short little round pumpkin for Taylor!


Cindy E said...

Jen, the pics are too cute! "Skinny Mama" pumpkin, tee hee!!!

Betty said...

Both of you look amazing with your hats on. Asbury was the fisrt place that we took Delany for a pumpking patch. She just loved it!!!
Great pictures Jen!