Monday, 20 October 2008

We're HOME!!!

It was a long day but we finally made it home Sunday night!

Taylor did exceptionally well through the whole day. I was a bit worried because she was ready for a nap when we were on the way to the airport in the morning but she only snoozed for about 20-30 minutes before we got there. I fed her while we waited for our plane to board and gave her a fresh diaper just before. They let me pre-board and we got situated. I turned on her baby Einstein video while we were waiting for every one else to board. As we were taxing down the runway to take off she leaned her head back on my arm and fell asleep as we made our ascent. She slept a little over an hour and then woke up and ate some of her star puffs and watched some more baby einstein.

With about 50 minutes left until landing she started to get impatient. She was wiggling and fussing and was generally unhappy about being confined in my lap and the clouds below were of no interest to her. The flight attendant that I had spoken with before the flight came and asked if she could walk Taylor up and down the isle. I said that was fine and off they went. They walked up to the front of the plane to see the other attendants, and stopped to say hi to the other babies on the flight (she was the youngest). Whenever they would walk by me, she'd wave at me. I guess she was happy to be out of my lap! She came back to me with 20 minutes left to go, and she managed to sit still for the most part. The worst was landing and waiting to get off the plane.

Once we were in the terminal she got a fresh diaper and then we went and got lunch, a salad for me, and a couple of jars of food for her. She was hungry! We hung out in the terminal until our next flight at 8pm. She was pretty tired but there were so many people to look at she was fairly content. Just before the flight, the lady at the counter asked us if we wanted to switch to a front seat and I said, YES please! We ended up in the front with nobody on either side of us for the second flight. Taylor fell asleep before we even took off and woke up when we landed. That was great!

Drew was waiting at the airport in Alexandria for us when we got there. Taylor was SO happy to see her dada! He said "do you think she missed me?" and right then she gave him a BIG hug and rested her head on him. So sweet!

We got home about 11:30pm, but didn't get to bed until after 1 by the time we wound down, got Taylor to bed and everything.

I've spent the last couple days doing laundry, going grocery shopping, and getting back on track.

Yesterday was also my 6th weigh in to see if I made Lifetime for Weight Watchers! I DID IT!!!! I managed to lose 3.4 pounds since I weight in last Thursday to boot, so that puts me 8.6 pounds below goal (which I was aiming for about 10 pounds to work with). I got my little gold key to go on my keychain and I'm VERY excited. It's been a long road but I finally made it! YAHOO!! Now the difficult part begins... mainance, forever!

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