Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Have you missed us??

Man has it been a busy couple of weeks!! I spent the first 6 days at my Dad's in San Ramon, went down to San Jose a couple of times to see Grandma and I got to see Grandpa. It was so hard to see him the first time and he wasn't doing very well that particular day so it was difficult. It was also hard since I can't take the kids there so we have to wait until somebody can stay with them for me to go see him. I've only seen him twice, but he looked soooo much better the second time!! He's been moved to a new facility and they are working really hard with him. He still has the trach tube in, but they are working to be able to remove it.

Last Saturday Dad and Leslie went to Half Moon Bay and got 13 live Dungeoness crabs, and we had a crab feast with the family. It was SOOO yummy!! I LOOOVE crab. I could live off of it really!

Monday we left to go to my Mom's house for Thanksgiving. Wednesday I went with Alan to take some photos of him for fun, my models aren't to willing to pose for me at the moment so I take advantage of having a willing participant when I can!

We got to spend time with lots more family and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving feast! Alan, Laura (my Uncles Steve's beautiful new wife) and I got up at 4 on Friday morning to do a little black Friday shopping. I had never been since Black Friday wasn't so big until after we were already in England. Got that out of my system! Can't say I'll do that again! I did score at least ONE good deal anyway!! We were home with coffee and bagels before the kids even woke up! Then had a yummy quiche for second breakfast!

I came back to Dad's Friday evening, and Saturday I got to go see my Grandpa again, then we went to my nieces Baptism and party after. It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so glad I got to be there to experience it!

Today, Katalia (My SIL) and I went and got wonderful SUPREME pedicures, courtesy of Leslie and Dad while they watched all 3 kids. My feet feel wonderful and smooth!!

Tomorrow I am going to Weight Watchers with my good friend Jill, though I'm going to take a pass on WI because I KNOW I'm going to be over, but I only have to WI by the end of December, so I'll be back within my goal range by then for sure, once I get back home and to my regular eating program. Hopefully I will see Grandpa again tomorrow as well.

Friday Dad has a family dinner planned for my last day/birthday party! Saturday I need to be at the airport by 8:45 to catch my flight home! I'm looking forward to seeing my hubby again, I sure have missed him!!

It's been an exhausting trip, but I'm glad I've been able to be here to see my Grandpa and lots of family, and offer a little help here and there.

I've uploaded photos to the Picasa site (link to the right) lots from our trip!

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Cat said...

Sounds like you are having a fun and exciting trip! :)