Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Photos from the last few days.

Taylor and I decorated a Rice Krispy treat house! We needed something fun to do since we've been in the house so much lately.

Putting on some gumdrops.

Kisses for Mama.
Sneaking a taste.

Some of the left overs that didn't fit in the house mold :) Nom Nom!!
Here's some for you too!
I like decorating with icing..

I'm good at this!!
Now we are getting a little carried away. :)

Carson fell asleep hangin' out with his pops.

My first Christmas Ornament that Taylor brought home from MDO :) Notice her smile, so typical, haha.
Our tree, I cut off the angels head a little.Just playing around.
We give lots of kisses!!

Taylor ran away, so I had Drew be my model while I played with lighting.
Bribes work.

Beautiful smiles!
Loves her Dada!


{Sarah Coyle} said...

what a beautiful family!! you are truly blessed!! grreat pics.

Shay S. said...

She is so cute!! Beautiful family!! Laughed at her decorating her leg. Looks like something my kids would try! LOL

Cat said...

awww Merry Christmas White family! :)