Sunday, 19 August 2007

20 Weeks - Half Way!

Yay! Half way there!!

Things are going pretty smoothly. I've gained a total of 10lbs up until now. I'm hoping I can keep it steady enough to not gain more than another 15lbs, but I'm trying to keep realistic as well. I know I'm just now getting into the growth spurt period!

I'm showing a little, but not a lot. Although I do have enough of a belly to do the "one hand over, one hand under" technique now! Okay, BARELY enough. The bean has been moving around like crazy the past two days. I've felt what seems to be a kick or a punch, which is different from the roll, and I think what might be a stretch? I can't wait until it's strong enough for Drew to be able to feel also!

Two weeks and 2 days until our ultrasound so we are getting excited. Anxious to find out if it's a bean or a bean-ette. Of course also to make sure everything is normal, but so far, so good, so I have no reason to expect anything.

So, here's your 20 week photos!

I'm still able to wear my regular jeans, though they get a little bit tight by the end of the day. I only have a couple pair of maternity pants that were given to me by a friend who just had a baby, so I might have to invest in a couple more pair soon.

So in about 2 months we should be back in the states! We are getting really excited about coming home. We sure miss everybody. So Louisiana isn't quite where we wanted to be, but hey, at least we will only have land between us, right? Drew wants to buy a house there so I've been looking into realators and at the areas to buy. Not that either one of us have any clue what we are doing, but hopefully we will figure it out. There's such a long wait list for base housing (2 years), and if they are going to give us a housing allowance, why throw it away on rent when we can get something out of it, right? They tell us it's a growing area and a buyers market right now, so hopefully that's true!

Well, off for now. We're going to see the Bourne Ultimatum on base tonight and I have some cleaning to do before we go. I hope everyone is doing well!!

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