Saturday, 2 May 2009

Happy May!

Well, I drove Mom back to New Orleans a week ago, that was a LONG day!! It was a short but good visit. I got a couple of pictures of her and Taylor while they were here at least! We went to see Disney on Ice on Friday and had a lot of fun. It was pretty long so Taylor was getting a little impatient for about the last half hour. I think her favorite part was the BALLOON! Go figure.

Here is a few pictures from Mom's visit and Disney on Ice.

Sunday, I was having some stomach cramps that hurt pretty bad so I called the on call nurse at the OB's office and she said it was probably ligament pain and to relax, take some Tylenol and call my OB in the morning. I did what she said, but it didn't help much, so Monday morning I called the OB and the nurse there also said it was probably ligament pain and to get a maternity belt, take some Tylenol, relax, and do warm, damp compresses. She said if they continued to get worse to go to L&D and get checked out. Still had cramps, but not as bad as Sunday! On Tuesday they were getting bad again, they had me doubling over in pain by the evening hours every time I would get one. I called the on-call nurse again and told her what the OB nurse told me and she said to go ahead and go to L&D to get checked out. So Tuesday night I spent an hour and a half in L&D with monitor on just to make sure I wasn't having contractions, which I wasn't. I only had the cramping 3 times while I was there of course.

They called the Doctor and explained what my symptoms were and she said, it's probably ligament pain and to go home and take it easy. *sigh* I came home and cried because they hurt so bad, and while I was relieved they weren't contractions I was SURE it wasn't ligament pain due to where all it hurt. I decided that if I was still in this much pain in the morning I would call and demand an appointment to find out WHAT was wrong. The base doctor wouldn't see me because I'm pregnant, and my OB seemed to think I was complaining about ligament pain.

Wednesday morning the cramping was much more mild, and throughout the week have finally gone away. I'm thinking I had a stomach bug of sometime that was causing some intestsinal pain. It reminded me of when I had a C-Diff infection while we were in England and I had a lot of abdominal cramping for 3 months until they found out what was wrong with me. I was a little irritated that nobody would actually see me and it was getting relayed by nurses. I felt like something was getting lost in translation to the Doctor. I'm just glad that they went away!

So anyway, that was my excitement for the week. But NO WORRIES! I am fine, and it wasn't premature labor or anything close to it. I just wanted to be safe and make sure!

Also Monday I went to the optometrist for my annual appointment. I decided to get fitted for contacts too since Taylor has made it a habit of ripping off my glasses (and she's quick at it)! So I did that, but I think I look kind of funny without glasses now! Maybe I'm just not used to it since I've been wearing glasses for so long. I've been going back and forth wearing the contacts about every other day. The cool thing is I CAN WEAR SUNGLASSES AGAIN, YEAH! I'm starting to get some wrinkles between my eyes and I'm certain a lot of it is from squinting in bright sunlight (one can hope right?).

On the Taylor front, she has been such a crab this week! We don't know if she's teething, growing, or just being a saucy pants but she's been full of it for us both this week. We've been out trying to keep her busy a lot. Going to the park, playing outside with her car or on her slide. We've been coloring and reading lots of books. She just has to be doing something ALL the time or she is not a happy camper this week!

Today one of Drew's friends from work came over (well, he's still here) for dinner and the guys are having some beer and dorking out to video games.

Soooo, next week is another busy one. I have another optometrist appt. on Monday to check how my contacts are going, and then my OB appointment is Thursday. Friday, Drew booked me an appointment for a prenatal massage (how sweet is that???) for Mother's Day. It was suppose to be a surprise, but they e-mailed me an appointment confirmation and kind of ruined it. We are hoping to make it to a playgroup next Wednesday and we will be preparing for our trip to CA! We're leaving on Wednesday the 13th, my brother Shawn is going to fly in to Dallas and drive back with me so I have some help along the way. It will be nice to have the company and visit with my brother! I haven't seen him in quite a while since he's been at school in New York.

Also I have some pictures from the Camera from Drew's trip to CA.

Drew and his pops.

Grams Hannah and Taylor
Uncle Drew and Hannah

Such cute cousins!
I also have some pictures from when we took Taylor to the petting zoo, and from an outing to Joe's Crab Shack!

Hope that' good for now, not sure when I'll get a chance to update again but I'll try and not wait so long next time!

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