Sunday, 10 May 2009

Air Show

Okay, I've been trying to upload these since yesterday and it was just NOT happening!!! Anyway, this will probably be my last post for a while since I leave on Wednesday morning, but I wanted to leave you with some photos to see! They came out backwards, but it's getting late and I still have things to do so I didn't want to try and rearrange them.

My OB appointment Thursday went well. BP was good, baby's heartbeat was strong! I was only up a couple of pounds this visit, but still a bit on the high side for my overall gain (lets not even go there). Next visit is June 18th, and I'll get another U/S to check my placenta, as well as my 1 hour glucose test, yay.

Friday I had my Mother's Day massage and it was pretty nice! My masseuse was a mouth breather (maybe she was sick?) and she asked me what I wanted her to concentrate on and I told her my back/shoulders. So she spent 45 minutes on my arms and legs in complete silence and did 15 minutes on my back where she talked the whole time and she snorted when she laughed. It's kind of funny when I look back at it, but I was definitely on the verge of sleep for a while! It was still wonderful to be pampered for an hour! I even got to get some Starbucks on the way out! Heaven.

Saturday we hung around at home doing a few things and running a few errands. Sunday we went to the Air Show! It rained at first, but once it cleared up they started flying. We had to leave just before the Blue Angels flew though because Taylor hadn't had a nap and was getting very tired.

We came home, then went to the neighbors for a fantastic barbecue! Always a good time at the Baldinger's! Today it poured most of the day, but I ran out and got stuff so Drew can change the oil in the Trailblazer for me in the morning and I finished up the laundry so I can get us packed and loaded tomorrow! We'll leave around 10 or 10:30 Wednesday morning so we can get to Dallas around the time Shawn's plane lands at 3:15.

Not sure what are schedule will be. He'd like to check out some architectural stuff and sight see a bit along the way. Since he's gracing me with his help, and company for the trip and Taylor will be more than happy to exit the vehicle at any time, I figured it would be great fun! Hopefully we'll see a few things along the way (the worlds largest rubber band ball perhaps???) and still get back in a timely fashion.

We did book a 3D ultrasound for the 27th. I always wanted to have one even though they kind of creep me out, and they had a great deal at a place near Mom's house to get a bunch of pics, and video of the kidlet in there! I'll get a disk with all of the images, as well as a DVD of some video to keep so I'll try and get those uploaded as soon as I have them!

Anyway, here are the pics from yesterday at the Air Show. I didn't manage to get in any of them, but got some cute ones of Drew and Taylor, as well as some planes.

So sweet.

This was her, "I'm done, and I want to go home now" face.
My favorite of the day.

Yay for planes!

Candian Snowbirds

F15 Strike Eagle

Blue Angels on the ground
BiPlane guy.. I can't remember what he was called.


So that's it for now! I'll post when I can!

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