Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I was getting some stuff off the camera and thought I'd upload some more pics real quick. I don't have anything else exciting to post so I'll just get to the photos.

Oh, Taylor has been in a GREAT mood for the last two days. THAT'S exciting!!! I love it when she's a happy camper!

So cute running around.
Playing with her "CAR!!!!"

Water helps her grow.

Weeding the Mums with Dada.

Snack Time today. Taking a break to play with Grandma Debye's bracelet that we need to take back to her.

My little bathtime rockstar.

And last but not least, my 23.5 week belly. Sorry the pictures are kind of bad, I was using a (dirty) mirror since I didn't feel like setting up my tripod and Drew wasn't home.

Thats it for now!


{Sarah Coyle} said...

wow you look great!! and Taylor is just a doll...makes me want a girl...for real...but shhhh....don't tell!!

BarefootTams said...

She's gorgeous Jen! And look at you with your belly starting to pop! :) Good to see you too!

Sarah... I'm telling ;).