Thursday, 7 January 2010

Carson's 4 Month Checkup!

Well we can just call him Mr. 25%

His growth has slowed down a lot! Doc isn't worried though, he's still on track developmentally so he's good!

Here are his stats:

Weight: 13lbs 6oz (25%)
Length: 24.5" (25%)
Head Circumference: 41cm (25%)

He's doing fantastic! He was really checking out the doctor and smiling a lot for her so that was good. He still gets a bit tired holding his head up, but she said that was okay for his age. He'll have it up fine and look around and try and grab things, then all of a sudden he drops it fast. She said just to keep working on his tummy time, and try putting a towel under his arms, it should help keep him from rolling over (which he does when he's done being on his belly).

He was due for some vaccines, but there were about 15 guys in there waiting to get some as well and Carson was getting tired, so we decided we'd go back another day when they weren't so busy. We might try going tomorrow to see how it is.

It's been pretty cold here, cold for Louisiana anyway. They actually shut down schools because it MIGHT snow today.. which I don't think it will considering the clouds are clearing and it was 37 when we woke up (it's 32 now). Taylors MDO was canceled which she was bummed about, so we had movie morning. We'll play some games this afternoon too and try and keep her busy.

Playgroup was tomorrow, but canceled because it's cold which I don't really understand since it was indoors. It's amazing that everybody all freaks out when it gets below freezing! Drew is still at work though, he's pretty cold he said. I should get him those little warmers that go in your boots and gloves... I'll have to find some.

Anyway, that's about it. We've just been hanging out really. Taylor has had an attitude and a half lately, and Carson is just happy as a clam! Looking forward to it warming up so we can go out and play again. We did get a mini trampoline that we set up in the house for her to get some energy out on. SHe'll play a bit then get up and bounce around, then play some more, then get up and bounce.. at least it's helping her release some of that extra energy she has!!

Until next time (when I get that video off the camera)


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