Sunday, 3 January 2010

Taylor's Birthday Celebration

Well, we celebrated Taylor's Birthday today, since Drew will have to go into work tomorrow (I guess it's today now, I should be in bed :) ) . We went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch and had some fun!! Here's the pics from that

I love how she has her hand on Chuck E.. like he's just her good pal.
Likes driving already, she's definitely our kid.

This was her favorite.. Bob the Builder car, every time it stopped she said "again!"
He's not sure what to think about this place with bright lights.
Lunch Time!!!
Om Nom Nom!
He's not sure what this pizza thing is about... but he's looking RIGHT at his lunch.
Baby juggling! She wanted to give him a kiss.
Games are a lot more fun with Dada!

Oh yeah.. .Whac A Mole!

This was a giant rocking horse, she didn't like it.
On the way home
Getting sleepy.
While Taylor was napping, I decorated her giant cupcake... it's suppose to be Elmo. I think it looks terrible, but when I pulled it out, she said ELMO!!!!!
Fresh from a nap and opening gifts! She went right to them this time and started opening, but the first thing out of her mouth was "Santa??"

He's pretty fresh from his nap too, hangin' out in his jungle gym.

She's diggin' the Fairy wings from Uncle Jeff, Aunty Marnie, and Hannah!

Her OWN laptop!

Every kid needs a Mr. Potato Head!
Trying out her laptop...
He's still happy in the gym. :)

Oh Boy! Elefun!
More Kindermusik instruments too!!!
Mama and her babies.

A hat for Taylor... NO silly!! That's for Mr. Potato Head!
He's getting goofy.

She likes that mustache!
Dada likes to watch, but she can do it herself.
Time for cake!

Blowing out the candle!
She did it!
We actually ate dinner AFTER cake so she wasn't wired up on sugar just before bedtime.
She was also watching her FAVORITE movie.. UP!
Drew is looking pretty tired after a day of fun.

My next plan is to get some videos up for you all!! I have been taking them, but I need to sit down and get them uploaded.

Exciting news, Carson rolled over from front to back, several times!! He doesn't like being on his tummy much, so I'm not surprised he figured that one out first. He's almost rolling from back to front but he can't quite get that arm over. I did get a video of him rolling the other way though! I'm certainly not ready for him to be mobile yet!

We also gave him his first bites of rice cereal. It went pretty good, he was getting the hang of it! We haven't been giving it to him regularly yet, he's been waking up early in the morning ravenous, so I was wondering if breastmilk maybe wasn't enough to keep him going through the morning, but the rice cereal didn't seem to help much either.. of course he only ate about 1.5 tbsp! We'll get into a routine here soon and get him eating it a bit more and see how it goes.

They both have doctors appointments this week (Taylor's 2 year on Tuesday, and Carson's 4 month on Wednesday) so I'll be posting how those went. Otherwise we've just been keeping busy with the holidays!

I hope everyone has been having a happy new year so far, and I'll work on getting those vids up!


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