Thursday, 20 November 2008

Keeping Busy!

We've been a busy bunch this week!

Monday Taylor and met my friend Sara (and her baby Kaden) for a walk. We usually meet a couple times a week to walk laps around the mall to get some exercise and chit chat. We got home and I proceeded to paint the kitchen! Here's the completed project:

The bad news is after all that work, today I started painting the living room, and it clashes with the kitchen!!! When we were looking at swatches it looked like it was going to be okay, but once it got on the wall it didn't work so well. We decided we liked the living room colors better, so the kitchen will get redone in a more "gold" shade of yellow. Pics of the living room are to follow.... we still have one more color left to paint, but it's interesting! Think 3 different bold colors, partial walls, odd angles. It's definitely an out of the box paint job, but I think it will work once we tie it together with the kitchen.

Here's Taylor checking it out after it was finished and dry. Okay, really she was looking at her reflection in the window!

Tuesday we went to Weight Watchers as usual.. I'm down another 1.4 lbs.... yay!! I'm hoping to keep my buffer so I can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner!

Wednesday we ran some errands, stocked up on a few groceries and what not. It was also pretty chilly Wednesday evening so I broke in the fireplace! It had never been used before, and it was difficult to actually do it, but now that it's done, boy are we loving it! In fact, we're sitting next to it now while I write this blog, mmm.. toasty!

On a sad note, I packed away a bunch of Taylor's clothes that were too small. Some of my favorites were in there, but I guess she's bound to grow eventually! She at least got a lot more use out of them then some kids do since she's such a petite kid. I also packed up her jumperoo which she still likes the toys, but since she became mobile, she doesn't like being confined any more. As I was cleaning the pieces and putting them in a box, the toy ring was on the floor and she was playing with it, so we decided to leave that part out for now. The funny thing is, she climbed in the middle where the chair used to be to play... but when the seat was acutally in it she didn't want to have anything to do with it anymore! Silly girl.

Speaking of toys, I had picked up this big blow up slide off of craigslist for five bucks. It has a big are a at the back which can be filled with plastic balls (like the ball pits at McDonalds or ChuckECheese) or in the summer you can fill it with water to be a little wading pool. It's too cold for water and we don't have the plastic balls so we blew it up and brought it inside today. Nothing like playing with big outside toys in the house! She really liked it though, she sat at the top and bounced up and down, then slid down with Dada at the bottom to catch. She did go face first once that ended in a bit of rug burn on her cheek. Oops! Nice catch Dada!!!

Today Drew had the day off so we hung out at home getting some painting done for the most part. I went out for a few supplies, and Drew went out later to pick up some wood and a couple of fish for his tank.

An update on the past week as far as the baby whisperer technique... it's working! Bed time is fairly easy, anywhere from 5-25 minutes from when we put her down, but the important thing is that there is little to no crying, and she sleeps from 7:30 pm until 6 or 7AM! She's been doing it all week long, yay!!!! Nap time is still a bit of a struggle, a lot more crying, but when she finally quits fighting it, she rolls over, puts her thumb in her mouth and goes to sleep.

Unfortunately she's been fighting a cold for the past few days so having a snotty nose hasn't helped her going to sleep much. Every time she puts her thumb in her mouth she can't breathe through her nose. We have the humidifier set up in her room and I use the bulb syringe on her nose before bed/naps to help her out. She LOOOVES that let me tell you, and she's big enough to fight back! She does wake up at night, but doesn't have a problem putting herself back to sleep now.

She's doing well other wise. She's getting brave and starting to let go while she's cruising. She can stand on her own for a few seconds at a time now. Sometimes she tries to clap at the same time, but that doesn't usually end good. She's getting all sorts of bumps and bruises from falling and whacking herself on things. We try to keep it as baby safe as possible in here, but you know the drill. Good thing they bounce!

Here's a couple more pictures from the week. We don't have big plans this week, other than Thanksgiving with the neighbors! I want to finish painting the living room tomorrow, and Tuesday Holden gets off kennel rest, so he's going for a LOOOONG walk. Poor dog needs some exercise and more training because all this kennel time has done little for his manners.

Snotty nose, and dog hair stuck to her face, but really... who's looking past those beautiful blues???

Beware: Killer dogs ahead.

I think they are concerned.
Alright, stayed up past my bed time yet again... but blog complete! I'll post pics of the living room masterpiece when it gets finished! Goodnight!

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Betty said...

Taylor has a beautiful blue eyes, no question about it!