Thursday, 13 November 2008


Call me a slacker, I know I am!

This posting will probably take me all afternoon, but I WILL get it done today!

This week has been a definitely challenge. We're trying a new technique for getting Taylor down at night to teach her how to sleep on her own. It's working fantastically for bed time, not so much for naps. The bigger of the two problems is that she is still night waking several times a night. A good night being 3 times, a bad night being 6 or 7 times. Until about 3 or 4AM she tends to go back to sleep fairly easy, but that we have to go in there at all gets old REAL quick, not to mention neither Drew or myself know what day it is anymore.

So, tonight we (I) start a modified technique which includes leaving the room when she's settled but still awake. She's not going to like this one bit, but hopefully it will work. The technique is by the Baby Whisperer, an it seems to work great for a lot of people. It's a happy medium between the attachment parenting method (co-sleeping, baby wearing, etc.) and letting them cry it out (which made things 200 times worse and two weeks to undo the trauma).

I have a feeling it will be a long night, or 5, but I'm hoping our consistency will pay off.

Oh yes, Drew is back on swing shift, so while it helps to have him around in the morning so I can do a few things sans baby, I'm back on my own for the night routine. I guess the pros/cons are the same for each shift. I'm just SOOO thankful he doesn't have mid shift!

This morning was fun, I had a dentist appointment at 10 am to have a root canal! Fun!!! I left at 9:30 with Drew in the nursery with a screaming Taylor. I'm not sure who wanted to be where they were more... I probably would have happily traded my root canal for the screaming baby. It actually wasn't so bad, but now that my novacaine has worn off it's definitely a bit tender. The worst part was getting the injections.. yikes. It was mostly time consuming and tedious.. I guess I'm also one of those rare people who have a 4th root in that molar, most people have 3. Lucky me.

On the developmental front, Taylor has her two bottom teeth now! She's crawling like a crazy girl, pulling herself up and not only standing, but CRUISING the furniture, and climbing!! She pushes her little car up to the fireplace hearth and climbs on it! An accident waiting to happen I tell you.

Standing almost completely on her own (with a little help from Cossie)

Such a patient boy
Getting into trouble (with a smile on her face!)

Wayyyy happy about that toy box! (see her teeth??)
Still happy!!

She's working on how to feed herself. She holds the spoon in one hand, and picks up the food with her other. Sometimes she puts the spoon in the bowl, she'll get the hang of it some day. I started trying to make her baby food, and she does well with fruits and veggies, but the "dinner" type meals aren't going so well. She doesn't seem to like the consistency too much. I try and offer her a little of whatever we're eating depending on what it is so she can try new stuff and learn how to feed herself. It can be quite the mess sometimes!

She's also very talkative. Who knows what she is really saying but we think Baa is Bath (it might be baby or bug as well), Pshh is Fish, and Na Na Na Na is Night Night. Then there is of course Dada, Mama and Dog.

After the last visit to the pediatrician, I decided to do my own milk trial with her. I cut milk out of her and my diet for the last week. She has been in a very good mood, but that might be a coincidence since her second tooth came in right around the same time. So it's been a week and today I'm adding milk back to my diet to see how she responds. If she seems to be comfortable and still in a good mood in another week, then I'll try giving her some again, I'll start with cheese first since it's less likely to get on her skin, then go from there.

Oh Saturday we had a wonderful afternoon with the neighbors. We went to some gardens and I took some photos for them, and they returned the favor! I'm still working on processing them, but I do have a few to share!


Drew's ALS graduation was Friday, it was neat, though Mr. Doesn't Like to be Proud Guy thought it was a big to do for nothing. I happened to enjoy it. I'm still working on the pics from the Grad, but here he is at home right after looking all spiffy!

I can't really think of anything too exciting to type about at the moment. I do have some pictures that I'm going to upload and share. Like I said, I still have some I'm working on, but I'll get there. Here's a video from yesterday also!!!

Well, it's 9:41.. it only took an hour for Taylor to fall asleep on her own (with me coming in to lay her back down). As I was typing this sentence she woke up, but only for 2 minutes. I had to put her down twice and leave the room before she stayed asleep. I hope it gets better than it has been!

I'm off to bed while I can.

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Ashley said...

Hey Jen!!! Thought I would catch up with you by reading about whats been going on. :) You look absolutely stunning by the way!! I miss you lots and cannot wait to see you guys again!!! Tell Drew congrats on his ALS graduation!! And give all the kids hugs and kisses from Auntie Ashley for me!!! Miss you and Love you Jen!!!