Saturday, 6 December 2008

Busy week and great Birthday!

First I want to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes, calls, cards, thoughts and gifts! It made me feel so special to hear messages and talk to some. It would have taken me all night to call everybody back, so just know that I DID get your messages and thank you!!!

Drew, Taylor and I went out to dinner last night (Red Lobster, my fav.!) then came home and watched a movie after Taylor was in bed. It really was an enjoyable day and night.

Thursday evening Taylor and I went with the neighbors to a Christmas show put on by the local community college. It was a lot of fun! There were balloons and lights everywhere and Taylor thought that was too cool. She "ooh ooh"ed at everything. She was dancing with the music and swinging her arms. We thought that we were going to get to see Santa but at the end the line was SOO long and it was already after 8pm, so we came home. Drew and I are going to take her tomorrow to see Santa.

Here are some pictures from Thursday!!

Doesn't she look like a little doll in her cute hat??? Too bad she didn't want to keep it on for very long.

She sure likes those balloons

Looking at the balloons on the table behind us and saying OOH!
Betty, Delaney and Steve, our wonderful neighbors!

Earlier Thursday I was picking up the living room and it was a little bit quiet, so I looked behind the couch to see what Taylor was doing and saw her in the laundry room... PLAYING IN THE DOGS WATER BOWL! I snuck up on her and caught her in action.

Hey, what do you think you're doing??


Don't play in the dog bowl (can you see her saying, I'm gonna do it anyway!)
A couple of randoms. Me in a new outfit. It's a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm trying to step out of my boring box and get creative. Yay!

Holden snuck up on the couch while I was sitting right next to him and I didn't even see it. He blends in with the cushions well.

A video of Taylor telling us what a kitty says (and the living room all re-arranged and ready for a christmas tree!

Also Thursday I went back to the dentist to get my permanent crown (again) and a filling on the other side of my mouth. I thought I had cracked a front tooth, it didn't hurt, but it looked cracked! So he looked at it and said, nope, that is a craze line, we get those as we get older. I looked at him and said.. are you calling me old??? You know tomorrow is my birthday!!! He felt bad, but I was just teasing.

Wednesday I ran a couple of errands, and picked up a few Christmas supplies. Tuesday was WW.. somehow I managed to lose 3 pounds last week. I'm pretty sure it will all be back this week with everything I've eaten!

Tomorrow we are going to put up lights, get our tree, and decorate away! I'm pretty excited that we have a whole house to decorate now! Our few strings of lights we had in England just aren't going to cut it!

I'm off for now, a few things to do before bed. Taylor is still sick AND teething so she hasn't been sleeping well the last couple of nights. I'll be glad when she's all healthy and her poor little nose isn't running any more!

Have a good rest of the weekend!


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