Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Well, Taylor's first Christmas was so much fun! Everything was a hit, and it was perfect! She didn't get too many toys, and not too many clothes, a perfect amount of everything so she has new things to play with that will last her a while! I took a lot of pics, so here they are so you can see how her first Christmas went!

Twas the night before Christmas, and ready for bed!

Milk and cookies for "Santa". They were GOOD... so we hear.

Stockings all stuffed!

Everything ready for morning (wow, our angel is really falling over!)
Our Christmas lights that Drew worked so hard to put up. We never could figure out what was wrong with the middle section above the snowman. It worked at first and then went out after a couple of days. We'll have to see if we can figure it out when we take them down.

Christmas morning and Taylor's first look at the goods

Is this for ME?
Hmm, I like this

YEEHAW!!Looks like this book wouldn't fit in my stocking.

I like books!

Wow, look at all this good stuff!

Taste test

Mommy likes Hugs for Christmas!

Dada opens his stocking too!

Oh, an activity walker from Grams, cool!

What is it?

Taylor will blow kisses to the camera, while Mama looks her best...

Look, it's a Taylor in a box, complete with gift card!

Dada opening presents!

Taylor trying out her walker

and her Wagon!

Really excited! She's getting brave and starting to try and take lots of steps on her own now, usually she'll make it one or two.. sometimes three real slow!

Also we had a big Christmas surprise, for those of you we didn't speak to today. Taylor is going to be a big sister! We found out on Tuesday that we are expecting another bundle of joy, probably sometime in August! We're very excited.. so the baby blog continues! I've been feeling great, a little more tired than usual, the same crampiness I had with Taylor, but otherwise wonderful. No morning sickness yet, and fingers crossed that it stays away! I already went to the doctor on base for a confirmation, picked up prenatals, got my referral to an OB. Unfortunately my OB that I saw befoer isn't part of that group anymore, I did a search and found that he moved down to the Baton Rouge area , so I'll be going to another doctor in the group that I had heard wonderful things about. At least I'll get to stay at the same hospital!

We want to Thank everyone for our wonderful gifts, cards, phone calls, and text messages. It really was a fabulous Christmas and while we are still far from family, we're glad to be sharing this year back in the US!

Love to you all!

-Jen, Drew, Taylor, (baby bean #2) and the rest of the crew!

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Jennifer Magreevy said...

Congrats again on your exciting news!!