Sunday, 11 October 2009

Grams Visit - Sunday

Dianne (Drew's Mom) flew in Tuesday to spend the week with us and boy have we enjoyed her visit so far (we still have her for another couple of days!) So here is a compilation of some photos so far!

Grams, Carson and Drew hanging out.

Wide awake!Smiles!

Who says Dane's aren't lap dogs?
Mama and her babies.
Sweet Sister giving kisses.
Carson going to his first park outing, asleep in his bucket wearing his hat that I crocheted for him.

Grams snapping some shots of Taylor and Drew at the park.
Crawling through the tunnel.

I think we need to get her a bigger sweatshirt! At least she was warm. :)

In the bubble.
Taylor and her Dada.
She loves the slide!

Everybody wants a photo of the cutie patootie!

My beautiful princess.
and my handsome hubby!
Grams rocking Carson back to sleep.
all bundled up!
Say Cheese Grams!!!
This is a lot harder than it looks.

One sided rocking
But it so much more fun with two people!
don't go too fast dada, Taylor might go flying.
This elephant isn't very fun.
but it's better with help!
Big hands and little hands.
Going down the big kid slide.
with a helping hand!
Help Mama, that's a big step!!
climbing back up for another slide.
Down again, down again!

It's starting to rain, so it's time to go home!
These boots were made for walkin'....
just not with me in them!!!
How cute is she in her new outfit (and hat that I crocheted for her :) heehee!)

We've been having a great time! We've gone to the Boardwalk (outlet mall) for some shopping, and dinner. We've had our park outing, we went to base to Drew's work and got to check out the B52 up close and personal and see what he does!

Drew and I got to go out on a date tonight while Gram's babysat for us, it was wonderful! We went out and had sushi, then walked over to the Cheesecake Bistro and had a piece of cheesecake and coffee then came home.

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, I think we were planning on heading over to the Science Discovery museum again, and Drew is marinating some steaks for BBQ.

Also our concrete finished getting poured along the side of the house (I'll take pics when I get a chance), and we've ordered extra panels for the exercise pen to make a barrier so when it's raining and muddy the dogs will have a kennel area to relieve themselves so they don't track mud in the house, or at least a lot LESS mud.

Well, that's about all for now, I should probably get some sleep while the baby is sleeping. He's been doing pretty good with that however! He's been getting up usually about once per night and again earlier in the morning but will go back to sleep for another couple hours (as do I if I can!). I still have my slow days when I stay up a little too long at night, but otherwise I'm not feeling too sleep deprived. I do need to get into gear exercising again as I feel a bit sluggish, but I'll get there!!


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dawna said...

Adorable pics, Jen! I'm so glad you are enjoying your mom! I had to laugh at your comment about getting a date night... same with us. No dates unless my mom is in town. (Well, actually, Kae is willing to come for an evening every once in a great while.)

ps... you are looking great!