Saturday, 17 October 2009

Pumpkin Patch and Fun Farm

Well, Blogger seems to be having some issues, I tried uploading photos last night and couldn't get any to upload. Today I got some up, and I can't get anymore!

I decided to start using Picasa Web Albums again since I often have TONS of pics, but they take a long time to upload to the blog so I pick my favorites and post those. This way you can check out even MORE pics. I will still post some of my favorites here.. but here's the link to my Picasa Albums:

I will also post this link permanently on the right side of my blog so you will always have easy access to it (or you can bookmark it as well!!). The rest of the pics from the last few days are up there!

Anyhoo... yesterday we met with playgroup at a fun farm and pumpkin patch. There was a hayride, we picked our own pumpkin (we only got one this time because we didn't have enough hands to carry them), we walked through the corn maze and played in the corn pit! Of course Taylor had woken up early, and she's still getting over being sick so she was a bit on the crabby side.

I've also noticed that the majority of my photos include the top, or back of Taylors head. She really does not like to pose for me, and when she does, she gets 2 inches from the camera and I can't focus on her go figure!!

Carson was asleep the majority of the time in his moby wrap, but we plan on going back to a smaller pumpkin patch (where the pumpkins are already picked) and get a few more pumpkins as well as more pictures!! :)

Walking with Mama (and brother)

Finding her way through the maze.
How about this way??
Road block! Lets go under it!
I better catch up so they don't get lost!
La La La
Drew getting eaten by the monster Louisiana bugs.
We did it!!
Where to next?
Oh, rocks!
La La La.
What's up here??
Loves his baby girl.
How about this one? Can I get up here?
I like little pumpkins.
Lets go get a pumpkin!
Loading up for the hay ride!
How about this pumpkin?
Looks like we found a good one!
Can Taylor carry it??

As I was working on the above photos last night, Drew was having Dada time with Carson and he was SMILING away! I can never get enough baby smiles!

Well, that's all that I could get uploaded... darn blogger! Oh well.. at least you can see the rest on Picasa. I'll try and go put captions under them if I get a chance!

Drew starts working 12 hour shifts from 6am - 6pm tomorrow. Hopefully it will only be for the week, but I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG one! We can do it!!! I just hope Taylor is feeling better and isn't quite so cranky.

We got the rest of our exercise pen panels Friday so Drew is out putting up the barrier to make a kennel area for the dogs. When it's raining and muddy out it will be their area to relieve themselves without getting covered from head to toe in mud, and cutting down on our workload, and stress level. You would be amazed (or maybe not) at the amount of mud two Great Danes can track into one house. Of course Holden likes to get it all over his belly as well so he can shake it all off on the walls *insert big sigh here*.

Hopefully this kennel area will help. They aren't taking so well to it thus far, but we're hoping if we can get a patch of artificial grass to put in there it will entice them to go ahead with business. Unfortunately the smallest we can find it is a 15 ft x 1 ft piece which may work if we cut it and piece it together in a different fashion, but I'm still hoping we can find a smaller, more square piece. Ahh.. the joys of living in a place where the water table is really high. It just doesn't drain very fast and stays muddy for days after the rain!

I'm off for now. Hoping to get a little crafting done this afternoon. I've been in a "make at least 4 cards a month" challenge, with a drawing for a prize at the end and there's only 3 months left and so far, I've met my goal! I have a few more projects I'm working on as well. Of course I've been crocheting like crazy while nursing Carson.. you'll see the pics on the Picasa site.

Love to you all!!

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{Sarah Coyle} said...

I could eat them all up!! Taylor is such a beautiful little girl and those smiles are GREAT!!