Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The last 8 days have been pretty much CRAZY in this house. Drew is working 12's, and not having the extra set of hands has proven to be VERY difficult!!

I think Taylor's terrible 2's are in full swing (a couple months early of course), and Carson still requires so much of my attention. I CAN tell you that I must be burning a ton of calories between the two!!

Friday through Sunday Taylor refused to nap, so those were very long days. She was such a great napper, then all of a sudden, BAM! Would not sleep! I'm hoping it was just a phase and we'll be back to napping this week!!

Yesterday Drew was originally suppose to be on Standby (meaning he'd go in when they called him, not at the usual 6am), which was fantastic because Carson had a well baby appointment at 7:50, and I was going to have to wake Taylor up to go with me and could use the help! Unfortunately he ended up having a class he had to take so he still had to go in at 6. Go figure.

Well, I had to wake Taylor up at 6:30, which is early for a kid who normally sleeps until 8:30 or 9! Got everybody fed and out of the house by 7:15. About 3 miles down the road it starts raining, oh joy! So we got soaked (not Carson since he was in his bucket, and covered with a blanket) running into the clinic. I didn't bring the stroller because it's pretty huge and the med clinic isn't very big in the room so I figured it would be more cumbersome. Last time I go without the stroller! Taylor was running amok and had her 2 year old ears on (i.e., pretending I didn't exist). We had to do Carsons appointment, then go get his vaccines, THEN go to the lab and get his bloodwork. Understandably that's a lot of things to do when you are a toddler and don't have 100% of Mom's attention. By the time we left there I was ready for a Martini. Kidding.. but I did drive through Starbucks.

We got home, and went to feed the dogs (Taylor helps), and blast.. no dog food. So the dogs were flipping out, Taylor started screaming because she wanted to feed them and of course tired from her early wake up call. Carson was upset from his vaccines, he would wail in pain everytime you touched his legs which were sore, and the tylenol didn't seem to be helping. The rest of the day was pretty much out of a horror movie.

In the end, we survived, though not without a lot of tears (myself included!). We even managed to go get dog food and the dogs were happy again.

So!!! To the important stuff!! Carson is a big boy!!

His stats:

Weight: 12lbs 3oz (75 percentile)
Length: 23.5 in (50 percentile)
Head Circumference: 40 cm (50 percentile)
The doctor says he's absolutely perfect and beautiful (but hey, I already knew that!). She thinks he's probably a bit longer, because he was pretty scrunched up when they were trying to measure him, so we'll see where he is at his 4 month visit.

He is cooing a lot, and even lets out a little laugh now and then. He smiles a lot too, I love those smiles!!

Taylor, besides being in a mood, is also doing well. We've been going to Music Class, and playgroup. Saturday we had a Halloween Party at the park with Betty and some other friends.
Drew and I have been writing down all of the words she says and it's well over 175, and she's learning more every day!!

She can also read the letters A, F, M, O and Y. She knows the colors Yellow and Blue, sometimes Red, but she still needs reminded.

She's a wonderful big sister to Carson. She gives him kisses and hugs, and likes to sit and hold him in her lap. She helps me burp him, and she gets me diapers (in fact, will throw a fit if she doesn't come with me to do diaper changes), she gets me his pacifier. She tries to put it in sometimes too but we have to be careful because she can be a little too forceful sometimes. When he's crying she'll sing to him (Lalalalala).

Drew has been working hard providing for us, and helping me when he can! He doesn't get much sleep so I appreciate what he can do.

I am still doing Weight Watchers and I had 3 months from the time Carson was born to get within 2 lbs of my goal weight, and I reached that today, a month ahead of schedule!! I still want to lose another 10-12 lbs (to get back where I was when I got pregnant with him), but at least I can do so without having to pay again! It's been difficult this time, that's for sure!

I do have quite a few pics to upload, but I haven't had a chance to get them off the card yet so when I do (probably this weekend), I'll get them up for you to see!!

I hope everyone is doing well.. love to you all!

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