Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

I'm writing from the comfort of my chair, where I am recovering from my peanut butter cup coma. Drew mistakenly left me unattended with the candy bowl and the chocolate forced itself upon me. We obviously needed WAY more trick or treaters (and way less candy within my grasp!). Ok, bottom line.. my self control went kaput.

Well, I'm still alive, although I just might take a pass at Weight Watchers Tuesday. EEK!!

I've uploaded some photos to the Picasa site. Some from last Saturdays' Halloween party with Betty at the park. From Halloween tonight as well!

On Monday, Carson was 2 months old!! I missed the first month, but I'm going ot try and take a picture next to his teddy bear every month to see how he grows!! So here's month 2!

After his photo, Taylor wanted to hold him (as she often does) so we set her up with the boppy pillow and let her hold him. She's very good at giving him his paci, but we have to remind her to be gentle sometimes. She's a good big sister and loves her brother!!
Wednesday we had music class and in the evening we went with Betty and Delaney to a Pumpkin Light Night at a local elementary school. Thursday there were horrible storms here all day! We were narrowly missed by a tornado which took out a bunch of trees and houses in a nearby neighborhood. The waters are still rising forcing many people out of their homes, covering roads and threatening levees! Tomorrow is suppose to be the peak of the rising water, and is not suppose to rain for the rest of the week. We are on high enough ground that we are safe though, so that's good!!

Yesterday (Friday) we had a makeup music class from when the teachers kids were sick, but we were the only ones that made it so we had a nice one on one class! After Drew got home last night, Carson and I went to the commissary to stock up on groceries. Today we both took turn running errands and getting some things accomplished.

After dinner, we got the kids dressed in their costumes so I could take some photos. Here are my favs!

Monkey costume from Grandma Debye.
Hot Dog costume from Papa
A couple more of Carson out of costume while Taylor was getting a bath.

We ended up going to Betty's and sitting in her driveway passing out candy with her and some other friends from the neighborhood. Drew and I both took turns taking Taylor Trick or Treating. She still wont say anything, and clings to our legs, but she's getting the concept that when you go to the door they give you candy thing!!

Now Taylor doesn't eat much candy, in fact, I'd say rare to never. She will occasionally get a cookie, maybe a bite of something we're eating, but usually it's a very rare occasion. I think this child consumed more chocolate tonight than she's ever had in her 22 months combined. She was bouncing all over the place!!! I'm glad it's another year until Halloween. If we can keep it together tomorrow I think the rest of the candy needs to go with Drew to work on Monday!! Maybe we'll keep some of the suckers around for rewards but the chocolate has GOT TO GO!

Here's also some videos from the last week or so.

Tonight in Betty's driveway!

Carson kicking his legs to make his toys move on the bouncer.

Talking and getting mad during tummy time.

This one was actually from when Grams was here, we went to the SciPort Discovery Museum. Taylor sure loves the giant piano!!! Now we just need to teach her chopsticks!

Well, I'm exhausted so I'm going to go to bed! Drew's already been there for 45 minutes while I updated the blog.

Not sure what the plan for the week is besides WW on Tuesday, and Music on Wednesday. Drew is still working weird shifts, though hopefully split 6's instead of 12's, that would be wonderful!!!

Goodnight all, hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

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Ashley Goode said...

Taylor and Carson looked so cute in their costumes!!! Halloween is so much fun. I think its a great idea to measure Carson next to his teddy bear every month, he is growing so much!!! Love you all!!!