Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Alive and Kickin'

Does anybody read this anymore?? Just wondering!

We've been busy, busy, busy as usual! We were all sick a couple of weeks ago with a stomach bug that was pretty nasty. The only one spared was Carson (thank goodness). Taylor started with it, then myself a couple of days later, and Drew a little after me. I think it lasted 3 or 4 days for each of us before we felt better.

Drew was working 12 hour mid shifts for about 10 days which pretty much sucked! But he's done now and back on swings... for now anyway! Our weeks pretty much look like this:

Monday: Playgroup
Tuesday: Weight Watchers
Wednesday: Music Class followed by Chick-Fil-A play (with music class friends).
Thursday: Mom's Day Out (a.k.a. School)
Friday: Playgroup
Sat/Sun: Family time!

In the hours that we aren't at something scheduled I've been trying to fill Taylor's days with fun activities at home (music, art, exploration, etc.) to try and keep her stimulated. We were struggling with her attitude and temper tantrums, decided that we were losing the battle of wills and perhaps she needed more in the way of structured activities. It seems to be working along with some different parenting approaches. After much reading, I don't think there is any one answer, but I'm hoping we will find a combination that works for us!

I have found for some people, the patience to be a good parent comes naturally. I am NOT one of those people! But I'm learning. Every day is a new day to work on it, and I'm finding it challenging and exhausting, but enjoyable and rewarding at the same time!

Some our favorite things to do lately is have Mommy and Taylor time. We have been going to Barnes & Noble to the kid section and reading lots of books a bout once a week! I get a skinny caramel latte, and she gets an organic chocolate milk, we share a snack and run around reading lots and lots of books (and are learning how to put them back when we are finished!) for a couple of hours. Last time we went, after some reading we went to get our snack and Taylor hugged my leg and said "Love You, Mama". (Okay, choking back tears). When we are there I feel like we can really bond over something we both love...reading!

Her vocabulary has been expanding in leaps and bounds. She's beginning to put together short sentences, and learn more names to her emotions, and well, she's a clown in general! She's picked up some of Drew's and my oddities (okay, mostly Drew's. Just Kidding!) and comes out with the funniest things sometimes. She has a new fascination with "money". Though her favorite is "Chuck E Cheese Money" that she carries around and puts in her pockets.

She still has an affinity for stickers, though twice now she's rolled them up and shoved them up her nose. Let me tell you.. sticker-in-nose surgery in the car with a pen and a child who wont stop sneezing is a LOT of fun. Reminder to A) add tweezers to the must have items in my purse and B) no more stickers in the car without a second adult to keep an eye on where they are going.

Carson has had a runny nose lately. He doesn't like it, and neither do my clothes. I'm hoping it clears up soon because snot is no fun! Minus the fact that he wakes up between 3 and 5AM to eat (though I think it's a habit we haven't figured out how to break), he is a darn near perfect baby. When he's tired, we swaddle him (he still prefers to be swaddled to sleep, amazingly!) and lay him down, and he puts himself to sleep quietly the majority of the time. He takes 2-4 naps a day depending on their lengths and any interruptions. He goes to bed at 7:30, the same time as Taylor and can sleep through pretty much anything once he's out. He wakes up early morning to eat, but then goes back to sleep until 7 or so.

He's started to eat solid food other than rice cereal. So far he's had carrots, sweet peas and green beans. Carrots are of course his favorite so far, because of their sweetness I'm sure. He's already taking after his Mama! He's a rolling champ now, maneuvering his way around the living room. He's getting better at sitting up, but still needs quite a bit of support. I imagine he will get there soon though! He has an appointment on Friday for his 6 month check up. Can you BELIEVE it's been 6 months.. half a year.. already?? I can't. I need to take more pictures.

He's become a little chatterbox too. Squealing and "singing" and of course, grunting. He loves to play Pat-A-Cake, and with his sensory balls that he got for Christmas. Taylor likes to take them away, but we are practicing our sharing. She is a really good big sister, even if we have our minor setbacks.

I'm going to put a few photos up that I have on this computer. I'll have to get to the other computer for the rest, so I will work on those tomorrow night! I just wanted to give you SOMETHING to look at (if there is anyone looking!!)

Taylor coloring at her art easel we got her. She's a little short for it still, so she needs a stool to really reach.

Carson's 6 month photo!

"Dwiving Yewwo Car" with Dada.
The dogs think they want to go too.
Sharing a momentYes, her arms are still in their sockets.
Holden is "smewwing me"
Carson and I were there too!!
Drew got run over by a Little Tykes car. No injuries were sustained in this accident that weren't healed by kisses and "tickle tickle tickle".

I have more pics from the snow day too! We ended up getting a few inches the day after my last post! Enough to build a snowman even! They are on the other computer though so I'll have to get those off.

Other exciting news. My Dad is coming to visit on the 16th for a week, so we'll get to enjoy having him here and show him around where we live a bit! It will be nice having family here again, as there can never be too much! I get homesick quite often. Our friends and neighbors will be leaving in about a month, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do! I will miss them dearly. I wish it wasn't so difficult for me to make friends, but I guess I'll have to work on it some more!

Well, I'm off to bed.. it's almost midnight and at least one little one will be up in 5 hours or less! So goodnight, and I will post more pics tomorrow!


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