Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dad's Visit, and some Randoms.

We had a great visit with Dad for a week! The kids enjoyed seeing their Papa and spending some time with him. Taylor was shy at first, but after a couple of days she was "nuggling" with him more than she ever does with us!

We did all sorts of fun stuff... we ate at some different and new to us restaurants, we had some Cajun cuisine! We went to the petting zoo, and we went to the art gallery gardens while I was doing a photo shoot. We went to the SciPort Discovery Museum, and we went out to check out one of the B52's that Drew works on! It was awesome!

Anyway, I took as many pics as I could, so I'll start uploading!!

These were from the Norton Art Gallery the day before Dad came. I had a little photo shoot with some playgroup kid a couple of days later so I had come to scout out the area to see what the foliage looked like. I used my little models for practice!

This was a couple of days ago shortly after both kids woke up from naps. They were playing on their bedroom floor and I managed to get them both to look at me! Taylor sure loves her Brother! She's always putting her hand on his cheek, and she does it without any prompting. I hope that their relationship continues to grow like this! I love watching my babies together!

These are all from today, we were all hanging out in the living room after having gone for a walk since it was such a beautiful day!!

Taylor has blueberry smoothie all over her face. She likes to share my smoothies, but I think she ends up with most of them all over her!

I love this picture of my bright eyed little man!

Maybe he will be a musician too!

and perhaps he will enjoy books as much as his sister!

We wont tell him he's reading it upside down.Time to Tickle Taylor!!
She sure has fun with her Dada!

Now she's going to read to Carson.. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!
Or maybe it's time to "nuggle"I made cupcakes for our new neighbors, and had some left overs that wouldn't fit in the container, so we had them for a yummy snack today! She sure likes chocolate (I wonder where she got that from!?)

and he's just happy as usual...drooling as usual too!Carson has fun with Dada too!

Fresh from a bath and riding on Dada's shoulders
I think these kids got more of Drew's genes than mine!

I have a LOT more, I still have to post the ones from Dad's visit.. but I've been working on these for 2.5 hours already, it's after midnight and I'm exhausted!!! Carson did not sleep well last night, I'm hoping tonight is better because it's my turn to get up tomorrow! The rest of the photos are just about done being resized saved, so it's just a matter of getting them uploaded. I should be able to get to it tomorrow night.

I'm going to a going away dinner for Betty tomorrow, we will really miss the Baldinger family!

I'm off to bed.. goodnight!

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