Sunday, 14 March 2010

Here they are!

Well, we got to SPRING CLEANING this weekend so that's been fun. It's SO nice to purge a few things and do a lot of the mundane tasks that we have been meaning to get to for ages. Like.. since we moved here.

The kids adjusted to the time change well, it was a beautiful weekend so Drew and Taylor did outside stuff and played while I did inside stuff, and popped out when I could. It was nice and windy yesterday so Drew helped Taylor fly a kite! I did it with her Friday and she didn't like holding it so much, but she loved watching it! I didn't get any photos however.. my hands were full!

We had a busy week, two music classes (one was a make up), Mom's Day Out, and Weight Watchers as lots of outside time to take advantage of the weather. It rained at the beginning of the week, but cleared up beautifully!

Anyway.. on to the pics I promised!

These are from when it snowed last month. It snowed lightly the day before, then pretty hard the next day! We ended up with about 2.5" on the ground.. enough to make a snowman! We couldn't stay out long though because we didn't have gloves or boots for the kids.. who would have thought we would need them here!
Making snowballs.

It's brr Cold!

Snow covered houses down our street
She thought she needed to clean up the "mess"
Mama and Carson
Standing up to Dada's first snowman.
MUST make it BIGGER!!

Hanging out after a bathThis is how she makes a "sad face"

First time in french braids! They lasted all of about 20 minutes before she pulled them out. Hey, I tried.

Outside coloring with Chalk. Our neighbor, and Taylor's friend (Delany) came over and wrote her name on the sidewalk.. Taylor isn't writing her letters quite yet. Although she seems to have mastered "D"! Oh, and O of course.. which isn't to be confused with Ovals.

Drew and Carson hanging out in the trunk (I cant quite remember why that was open actually.. oh well :) )
Cheese grin
Handsome boy
He likes to suck his lips in like an old man!
So serious!
This is how you will usually find him.. hand in mouth!
Deep in thought.
She got a booboo from the concrete while she was coloring so we had to have a Dora band-aid.

I made an ABC book for Taylor (and someday Carson!), I spent hours on it! But she doesn't seem to really care for it all that much. I even laminated the pages so she couldn't tear them. :) Here's the first few pages anyway.

I hope that's good for now! I keep meaning to take my camera with me to her Mom's Day Out school, and also to Music class and some of our other outings but my hands are usually full and I forget!

That will be my goal for the next month! Though hopefully you will find me posting here before that!

My Dad is flying in on Tuesday so that will be nice to have him visit. I have a photoshoot Thursday of some playgroup kids. Hoping that goes well and the weather cooperates! I always get nervous doing these things, but they seem to like the photos so I guess that's what counts. :)

Well, off for now. I'm dragging from the time change.. the kids were up extra early this morning. I think I'm going to grab my book and go to bed.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I will work on taking more.



Cat said...

Hey Jen! I love your blog. I love how you write. Taylors braids are so cute and her "sad face" made me laugh haha! Carson is starting to look different than Taylor to me now, he's such a handsome boy! I love the ABC book, cute idea, I might have to make Ariana one!


Stacey Gibbon said...

from one Air Force wife to another, I love your blog. i esp. love this ABC look. its really cute!!!

<3 Stacey