Sunday, 28 March 2010

Rest of the pics!

Okay, somehow these got totally out of order and it was going to take me ages to figure out how they went, so I just grouped them together around the same time/day!!

Carson hanging out with Papa

Taylor sharing her water with Carson.

Music Time!

Hangin' out with her pops...both of them, forever in PJs

This was at the Norton Art Gallery, the day after Dad arrived. I did an photo shoot for some of the playgroup kids which ended up taking a long time!! Drew, Dad and the kids were all so patient, but at least it was a nice day at some beautiful gardens!

Talking to Mimi on the phone!

Walking the wall.

We went and got some dinner at a place called McAlister's deli, and Dad ordered a potato as something extra in case we were still hungry (and if not, for Drew when he got off of work). When we opened it.. it was the hugest potato we had ever seen. I took a photo of it next to an ink pen for reference. Drew enjoyed it well ;)

This was a Raw apple pie that I made for dessert one night. YUM!This was when we went to the petting zoo! These are all mixed around, but you get the idea!

Those goats sure know who has the food.
Taylor checking out the chickens. I think we need some. :)
Normally I'm behind the camera, and am never at the places we go (at least there's no proof of it!) Somehow we managed to make it the whole morning and I was in a ton of photos for a change, but managed to forget to take any of Drew!
This guy had the funniest teeth! (The Alpaca, not Dad!)
Mama and her babies!
Me and my Dad (and Car Keys too!)
Taylor with her walking stick.
More chickens!
I think that goat was nibbling on Carsons socks while I wasn't paying attention, but at least he covered my plumbers crack for the photo!

Can you see his funny teeth now?

This Kangaroo had a Joey in her pouch... kind of like how I had Carson in mine!
Check out the horns on this guy!

No fear!
Okay, maybe a little.
Dad made a buddy.

This one is my buddy. SMILE!

A Scottish Cow.. they are so cute!

I think we need a donkey too.

Dad wrestling with the boys.
It snowed last Sunday too!!! We had a beautiful Cardinal sitting on the fence. They sure are gorgeous birds! The snow added the perfect touch.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I'm off to give Drew a hair cut, and make myself a smoothie and read a book!

Love to you all!



Jennifer Magreevy said...

MacAlister's is a national chain, we have them here and in Cincinnati. They are slightly sneaky in that its actually two potatoes, although hard to see. They just smoosh them down together so you think they are gigantic. :) They also have the yummiest (if that is a word) tortilla soup there. Ummm. Mouth watering. :)

DinkityWonkityDo said...

Your children are just so adorable! :)