Thursday, 29 April 2010

More photos!

Yeah, I'm a slacker. I was intending on heading in to the craft room to upload photos and do some crafting but all of a sudden I got the deep cleaning bug and set to work. Next thing I know it was 11pm! Figured I better get in bed since this morning was my morning to get up. :)

It's 10:45 now and I'm just getting started, but it's Thursday! The night I attempt to watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice in between tending to children who are fighting sleep. I think I'm asking for DVR for Mother's Day (hint, hint, babe ;) ).

Anyway, on with the photos!

We finally finished our front yard! We finally decided what we wanted to do with it, spent a couple of weekends at nurseries and planning where and what we wanted to put places.

This is when we came home with our first load of plants! Drew got to work right away. :)

These got a little mixed up, but this was the following weekend. We wanted a smallish tree for the corner but couldn't decide. We thought we wanted a japanese maple, or a crepe myrtle, but at the nursery we fell in love with this Snowball Viburnum and had to have it! Of course the blooms fell off within a week or so, it was at the end of it's blooming period. We could possibly have more in the fall, but if not we'll see them again in the spring!
Mostly finished, I haven't taken a photo yet, but we did put two small white Azalea plants in front of the three windows.

Carson was hanging out in his chair for a few minutes while we were doing a bit of the gardening!

Taylor was helping organize my pots I had gotten for a project!

Here is my finished project, it's actually in the back yard.. I made one on either side of the fireplace and they are different. This one is mostly purples, the other one is yellows, oranges, and reds.Taylor got bored with gardening and decided to go for a drive. She's spent the last couple of weeks with a dirty face. She LOVES to be outdoors and playing in the dirt! You should see the bath water at night!

This was at a birthday bash for our playgroup. Remembered to grab my camera this time. Once she gets comfortable she likes to climb the stairs and go down slides. It takes her a while though.
Eating cupcakes.
This is Miss Bella. She's so cute! She's a couple of months older than Carson.

I love this picture of Taylor getting ready to come down the slide. She has such wild hair, but the sun behind it looks ethereal to me. Our beautiful baby girl!
Carson hangin' out on the floor playing with the piano. Poor little dude, as I've been processing these I realized he's not been in too many lately! He's forever in the carrier on my chest, not with me, or sleeping when I have the two hands to take the photos! I'll have to fix that!

Grandma Ivy and Grandpa Ron came to visit us, and I got a few photos while they were here as well! I still have more on our little camera that I have to get off but here's these for now.

Grandma holding Carson and playing with Taylor.
Getting a squeeze!

Grandpa and Drew installing the rain gutters.
Just before they left. First it was just Taylor, Carson was asleep.
Then Drew came out, sporting his PJ pants as usual.
We did the switcheroo so I could get in the photo too!

While we were doing that, Carson woke up so we got one last one with him in it as well!Whew!! That's those for now. I still have more from the Air Show, and my visit to the Duck Pond! I don't know if I will get to those tomorrow, but I will try. I have a long to do list when the kids are sleeping so I need to hack away at that a bit as well.

Hope everyone is having a great week! TGIF (almost)!

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