Monday, 12 April 2010

Easier for me to update without pics!

I know you all wait anxiously for photos, but I can update more often with just words since uploading and getting the pics off the card takes a long time but I can type here and there pretty easily! So I'm going to start trying to update MORE even if I don't have time to get the photos up, and I will get those up as often as I can. Does that work??

The BIG update, I know I talked to quite a few of you regarding Carson and his apparent seizure activity. We aren't positive if that's what it is, but it definitely looks strange and has been going on for a while. Again, we weren't sure before so I haven't mentioned anything because I didn't want to scare anybody unnecessarily until we had more information. It started maybe 3 or 4 months ago with him dropping his head down to his chest (or the floor if it was during tummy time), but we thought it was probably his muscles still developing.

A friend of mine had a daughter with "Head Drop Seizures" and said that I should watch him because the way I described his movements reminded her of those. So we've been keeping an eye on him, I mentioned it to his doctor at his 6 month checkup, but she said he could still be working on muscle control and that he was on track developmentally so to keep watching.

As he's been getting bigger, it's become more and more apparent that something else is going on. I caught it on video and called and scheduled him an appointment. He went in last Wednesday and his doctor (who I really like!) agreed that something is not quite right about the little episodes and suggested we get him in for an MRI and an EEG. They called us this morning and he goes in Wednesday morning for his MRI, which he will need to be sedated for. He goes in Monday for his consult with the neurologist which is actually in Monroe (about 45 minutes to an hour East of us). The doctor said that the good thing was he still seems on track developmentally (a bit slower than Taylor, but still well within normal range) and that she's hopeful that whatever is causing this will not have any lasting effects, but wants to make sure we cover all of our bases.

Drew has his big V on Wednesday as well in the afternoon so it's going to be a busy, busy, busy week ahead. Especially for me since Drew is going to be laid up for at least a few days! We'll figure it out though.

Otherwise, both kids are doing well. We've been working with Carson on learning how to sleep out of a swaddle. It's been a long week, but he seems to be adapting fairly well. We struggle a little more at naps then we do at bedtime, but he's sleeping most of the way through the night (about 7:30 to 5) when he gets up for an early breakfast. Sometimes he goes back to sleep, sometimes not, so it's a bit rough. Our next step is to try and nix that morning feed and get him sleeping at least until 6! 6:30 would be nice. 7 would be heaven. ;)

Taylor is growing like a weed, she sprouted upwards a bit, but is still a skinny minnie. Put it this way.. she's 2 and 3 months... and she has been wearing some 12 month shorts! 18 month shorts are a little longer, but a tad loose in the waist. 24 month shorts/skirts we need to roll down the waist to make them a little more snug. She needs 18-24 month shirts though since she got taller, her shirts got a little on the short side even though they fit everywhere else.

Her bottom 2 year molars are in now so she has been in a slightly better mood. Her top ones haven't started yet so I'm expecting the grump to come back shortly. We're going on a couple of days of her not taking naps and we're not ready for that yet, so hopefully she goes back to napping soon!

We've been working a lot in the yard the last couple of weeks, finally and putting in lots of plants, flowers and even a tree/bush! I did take pics, but I have to get them off the camera still. Taylor has had fun helping put dirt in the holes for the plants and running around while Drew works. I help with the designing, and take care of Carson when he's awake. I built a couple of tiered planters in the back, started an herb garden, and am working on making a raised garden bed as well! We started a compost pile and we plan on putting a fruit tree in the back!

Easter was enjoyable. We ended up having one of Drew's friends stay the night and have breakfast with us Easter morning. We took Taylor out front to hunt eggs, she had a blast and found them all! Although next year we are thinking only a teeny tiny bit of candy, because she was hyped up on sugar for about 4 days! Maybe that's why she's not napping!? I did fill their baskets with Easter books, and regular books and some fun stuff!

Oh, Carson is up, I guess I better run. I'll see if I can't get some photos and videos up tonight. I'm trying to go to bed earlier since I know it's going to be a lot of early mornings coming up, so we will see how it goes.

Love to all!


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