Friday, 22 June 2007


Can you believe that in all the years I've had cats in my household, and for as long as I've been working at vet clinics (almost 8 years now!), I've NEVER been exposed to Toxoplasmosis! At my appointment a week ago, the nurse agreed that I in all likelihood had already been exposed and would be immune. She ordered a test just to make sure and she called today with the results. I'm not immune! So now I've got to be EXTRA careful, gloves, mask, the whole bit when doing litter boxes at work. Not doing them period is just not an option, it's almost the only thing I have left to do at this point. So.. that's the news for today.

Otherwise things have been mild this week. Mild morning sickness. Mild uterus pain. Mild boob soreness. Not too much else to report! This waiting game seems to be going sooooo sloooooow!

We're having a BBQ with Jackie (my friend/coworker), Mike (Drews friend/coworker) and Family tomorrow. Lets just hope it doesn't rain! I'm so tired of the rain!

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