Sunday, 22 July 2007

16 weeks

Hi everybody! I'm updating with my 16 week photo today. Please don't mind my black bra and pink shirt. I thought the shirt showed more than the ones I usually wear for the pics, so I threw it on real quick not realizing that I wasn't wearing the right bra for the occasion. I promise I don't go out in public like that!

So I've been sick for 9 days now. It started off with a sore throat, then moved into my chest with a bad cold and cough. The sore throat is gone but I'm still up all night coughing like crazy and it's in my sinuses too. I'm miserable! I went to the doctor last Tuesday and he gave me Robitussin and a bronchiodilater. They don't seem to be working. I'm getting better during the day, still coughing but have more energy. At least yesterday I had enough energy to go to the grocery store. Today we're going to see Harry Potter, so things are improving. If only I could get rid of all this junk!

Some exciting news, kind of. I think I've started to feel light movements. I'm not really sure what it's suppose to feel like so I can't tell for sure. I read that it's been likened to fluttering, gas bubbles and popcorn popping. I definitely feel the popcorn popping feeling now and then. Particularly if I sit in a certain way. Of course, it could very well be gas too.

I have my 16 week appointment tomorrow along with some bloodwork. Not sure if I'll have anything exciting to update, but I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Here's the picture for this week. I'm pretty bloated the last couple of days so I'm not sure if I'm starting to show yet or if it's just because I'm full of air.
Ta Ta!

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