Monday, 9 July 2007

Hello 2nd Trimester!

Woohoo!! We made it to 14 weeks (and 1 day in this photo). Everything is going great, I've got 2 weeks until my next appointment, though not expecting anything exciting to happen at that one. I received a lovely package from my Dad and Leslie in the mail today with this cute tank top in it, it's written like a movie review and says "Two thumbs way up!" - yours truly. COMING SOON To a hospital Near you. PG Preggo guidance not suggested. Some scary moments and Mild Language. Too cute! Thanks Dad and Leslie!

I haven't felt nauseous in a while now, and I've been starting to crave the healthy foods I was eating before I got pregnant as opposed to the junk food I've been fighting off the urges for (and sometimes losing!) for the past couple of months. I've been taking my vitamins every day and trying to drink lots of water. I'm still wanting lots of citrus so we keep a stock of oranges and grapefruit at the house.

Besides that, I have very few symptoms, and the ones I do have, you don't want to know about, trust me!

We did go to Scotland over the weekend, and had an okay time. We ended up cutting the trip short by a day and coming home. We skipped going up to Loch Ness. It was going to be another 7 hour round trip drive from Edinburgh, the weather wasn't great and we were tired! The hostel we stayed at was absolutely disgusting! The first bad hostel experience we've had in our travels. Plus there was no parking so we had to pay about $40 a day to park at a mall parking lot, that was quite the unexpected expense.

We did enjoy the tourist stuff, Edinburgh Castle, the churches, learning about the history of Edinburgh, and of course lots of pics! We walked a TON, and climbed lots of stairs (our hotel was on the 5th floor of a building, with no elevators). I'm STILL sore today, but that's okay, it just means I got a good workout right? Overall, we're glad that we went, but we were glad to get home. Traveling in the UK is just too expensive! We're hoping to get one more trip into mainland Europe before we leave here.

So that's the update for this week! I'll start doing photos every 2 weeks now that I should start growing a little faster! I'm anxious to start showing, so I can look as pregnant as I feel! Really!

Love to you all!

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