Thursday, 26 July 2007

Appointment + Bundles For Babies

Well, my appointment on Monday went great! I was quite nervous going in, but the doc said that was normal. A lot of people are nervous because they aren't usually feeling movement yet, they aren't quite showing yet, you're feeling pretty good in the second trimester so there is little to make you "feel" pregnant.

That baby's heartbeat was at 150 bpm, and my uterus is right where it's suppose to be at this stage in the pregnancy. She was very happy with my weight gain, 4lbs, for a total of 6 lbs. I about had a heart attack when I got on the scale, but she seems to think that its good, so I'll just keep smiling and eating. Let me tell you though, I feel like a weight yo-yo. Up, Down, Up... at least I have a reason for going up! We discussed me being sick (which I STILL am fighting off), she gave me a prescription for Sudafed and told me I could use the Vicks Vaporizer to see if it helped. I must admit that the vaporizer helped a lot! I'm still coughing up green goobers, but mostly at night and when I lie down.

That was about it for the appointment, I need to go back at 24 weeks, but I can't schedule the appointment for another 4. She did however call in my 22 week ultrasound and some blood work, so after I left there, I headed down to radiology to schedule the ultrasound. Unfortunately their calendar wasn't open that far so I need to call back the first week in August to book the appointment. That one will be the one where we get to find out if it's a boy or a girl (I hope)!

I also went to the Lab and had the triple screen drawn and I had to do a 1 hour glucose test. The glucose syrup stuff they gave me to drink wasn't actually too bad. I had a choice between orange and lemon-lime. I chose orange and it wasn't bad, tasted like super sweet orange soda I thought. Now the "ugh, I've eaten too much sugar" feeling wasn't great especially having to sit there for an hour, but it was manageable. I was absolutely starving as I had to fast and my appointment wasn't until 1pm, it was 3 before I got my blood drawn and got to eat! I could have eaten a horse! The doc said she would call if there were any abnormal results.

Drew and I went to a Bundles For Babies briefing at Mildenhall this morning at 0830. It wasn't extremely exciting, but we did learn a few things. We covered dental care for mother/child, a little bit of nutrition, budgeting for baby, WIC, etc. A lot of stuff didn't apply to us because we are going to be leaving the UK before the baby is born, but quite a bit did as well. We also got a free bundle of nice stuff! It is all Gerber stuff, Onesies, sleep and plays, a couple of crib sheets, a receiving blanket, booties, bibs and we won a bottle of baby shampoo playing a game. We were both so tired when we got home we took a much needed nap.

I think I'm starting to show a little. By my next photo (18 weeks), I bet you'll see a somewhat noticeable belly. It seems to be going so slow! Mostly, I just feel bloated and fat, but I guess that's to be expected. At the briefing, there was a lot of people way more pregnant than I am, so I was a little jealous of their baby bellies! I'll get there eventually. Until next time!

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