Sunday, 27 January 2008

I should be sleeping

Well, Taylor is down for now, and Drew is going to give Taylor her next feeding so I should be in bed. I just wanted to give a quick update though while I had two hands.

Things are going well, she's sleeping better at night, thought not great and I'm still pretty worn out. I'll have a few good days then it catches up to me (today was one of those days). She wakes up every 2-3 hours at night which is a lot better than some babies, but I was hoping for at least a good 4 hour stretch in there somewhere. Not yet! Maybe soon. Drew has been helping out a lot by giving her the first feeding/diapers after midnight (usually around 2 or 2:30) since he's home from work and winding down during that time. Then I get up the rest of the night after that so he can get his sleep.

Today was Taylors' first real cranky day. I think she was really tired today which was odd because she slept until about 1 this afternoon except for her waking up to eat, I couldn't get her to stay awake. She was up most of the afternoon, but not happy about it. She didn't really cry but she was very whiny and seemed to constantly want to eat, so I fed her and she ate every time. Maybe a growth spurt? I hope she's in better spirits tomorrow!

We had some more fun with diapers today. She managed to poop and pee on me TWICE in one diaper change! I couldn't believe the amount of stuff that excreted from this kid! I never quite knew how far poo could shoot from a little behind either. Wow. That's some pressure. She could give Mt. St. Helen's a run for her money... maybe I should charge admission to the show? Kidding!

I took some pictures today, but I need to finish editing them so I can post them up, hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I'll be able to get them up for you all! Tomorrow I'm also going to see if the appointment book is open yet for me to schedule Taylors 8 week appointment so we can start planning our trip back to CA. I'd like to be able to get some dates secured at least! We're getting pretty excited to come home!

I'm off to bed now, I'll post again in a day or two. I feel bad for not posting more often, but I hope you can understand!

Love to you all!

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