Monday, 21 January 2008

What a day..

Well, it started off great. Drew and I got up to go to my 2 week post-partum check up. I'm doing fantastic and best of all.. I lost 28lbs of baby weight! I still have about 13lbs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight, but as of today I started the Weight Watchers plan for breastfeeders! So hopefully that last bit wont be TOO hard. My stitches from my small tears are doing well, and things are healing up great. I have another appointment in 4 weeks, then I should be good!

Then came the not so great part of the day. When we got home Taylor had a dirty diaper so we went to change her and it had leaked all the way up her back, yuck! So we gave her a bath.. she was screaming of course and kept tooting in the water, and then bloop she pooped in it, gross! So of course we both kind of panicked. I whipped the screaming girl out of the tub and was trying to console her and cover her before she pooped again and Drew was trying to rinse out the tub and bath sling quickly so we could finish cleaning her up. In the commotion the ring holder on the back of the sink got bumped and my wedding ring fell into the garbage disposal which neither of us noticed. A little later Drew went to clean up and ran the disposal where my rings (the 3 of them which are soldered together) got chewed to bits.

It's nobodies fault, and a complete accident in the commotion, but of course I can't stop crying about it. I guess you don't realize how attached you are to those type of things until something happens to them. Most of the stones have been recovered (Drew took apart the disposal and sifted through it), though it will need new settings. We'll probably wait a while before we look into it since I imagine I'll be taking it off a lot with the baby anyway. Most importantly, while it's sentimental and painful to lose, it is replaceable unlike husbands and babies. :)

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