Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Quick update

Sorry I haven't updated yet, but I haven't had a chance!

Taylor is doing great, we went in to get her weight and a bilirubin check for jaundice today. Still no jaundice and she's gained 8 oz from when she was discharged from the hospital, so things are going well. She has an appointment in 2 weeks for her PKU test, and full checkup.

She's nursing regularly now, but it will be a while before she's on a schedule me thinks. She tends to do most of her sleeping mid morning to early afternoon and then she's awake on and off the rest of the time. I'm not getting much sleep yet, but I try and nap when she's napping. I'm pretty exhausted.

I seem to be healing well, albeit slowly! My milk came in yesterday and it's incredibly painful. I've been doing warm compresses and we went out and bought a pump today to help relieve some of it since nursing wasn't doing the trick. I feel much lighter, but still tender. I'm not 100% sure she's latching correctly yet, she seems to have good times and bad times. We went in to talk to the lactation consultant today, but Taylor was sleeping and had just eaten before we went, so I didn't get to show her how things are going, if I'm still having difficulties towards the end of the week, she'll come out to the house on Friday and check her latching position.

I'm off for now.. I'll keep with the updates whenever possible, but they might be infrequent for a while, until we get on some sort of a routine...

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