Sunday, 6 September 2009


I'm trying to post while Taylor and Carson are both napping. I'll start with pics and post more if I have time. We're headed to the Science Discovery Museum when everybody wakes up so that should be fun.

Carson's First Bath

Hanging out in his chair

Playing with my Macro lens while he was hanging out in my lap.

Grandma Debye keeping him content at 1AM so I can get a break.

Tried another photo session the other day but he wasn't cooperating. this is the only one I managed to get out of the bunch.

Taylor sitting in her new booster chair at the table like a big girl (and covered in dinner!)

Will try and post more later!

1 comment:

Betty said...

oh Jen beautiful pictures, can't wait to hold baby Carson again.
Taylor look so excited on her new sit :)