Friday, 11 September 2009

SciPort and Music Class

I know I said I'd get these up yesterday, but I didn't get to it, so here they are today!

This is from our trip to the SciPort Discovery Center on Sunday. We ended up buying annual passes so we can go whenever we want. Taylor seems to enjoy it, but definitely a bit of an overload the first time.

Grandma Debye and Carson checking out an exhibit.

Climbing the stairs!
Reading about the Bernoulli Balancing.

Our point in the world.
Sleepy Boy
There was a bunch of noodles from one of the displays on the floor and Taylor started picking them up saying "Mess! Mess! Ohh No" It was too cute!

Taylor going for a chair ride.
Grandma hanging out with Carson and guarding the stroller.
Tarantula's are cool!
Checking out the guinea pig

The kid LOVES playing in water.

Here are some pictures from Music class as well.

Carson hanging out with Dad

The dogs were hanging out cracking me up with their noses just barely touching.

I've got some video too, but I'll have to come back to upload that!

Hope you are all having a great week!!

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