Friday, 12 October 2007

Apparently I still don't look pregnant

I went this morning to get my glucose test done (results pending) and I had the same phlebotomist that tried to drain me of all my blood when I had my initial labs drawn back in May. She called me back and I walked in and sat down and she looks at me and says "Are you seriously 28 weeks pregnant?", I said, "on Sunday I will be". She said, "wow, I wouldn't have pegged you as pregnant if I saw you walking down the street". I pouted and said that I knew, and I was feeling pretty jipped because I'd rather look pregnant than have people wonder if I'm pregnant or fat. She said she hadn't thought of it that way and proceeded to stab me with a needle. Which reminds me, I guess I can take my Dora the Explorer band-aid off! It's only been about 5 hours!

I know she didn't mean it the way it came out, but it's still pretty depressing! I'm so excited to have a baby belly and to be showing and have people notice that I'm gonna be a Mommy, and I haven't had ONE comment from somebody who doesn't already know. At the store right after I had my blood drawn there was a pregnant lady in front of me and the checker was asking her when she was due (only 2 weeks before me) and talking baby, and I got to my turn to check out.. nothing! What gives!?

Anyway, everything else is going good. Baby L was really active last night and she was sideways so she was bouncing off both sides of my belly at once and doing some acrobatic thing. At one point I felt a pressure on my right side so I put my hand there and I'm pretty sure it was her head (or butt) sticking out! I could actually feel the little round part sticking out from the outside! I admit, it kind of freaked me out a little, sometimes I feel like my body is being taken over by an alien and it wants out, that was one of those times.

No word on orders yet, but I did get a call from the pet shipper today that Cossie's kennel was built and he'd hang onto it for us until we were ready to ship, so I'm glad that's done! I'm going to pay him next week so we can close our British bank account, it will be nice to have only one bank account and our savings account to worry about.

I'll post a pic on Sunday, and let you know how my OB appointment goes on Monday!

Love to you all!


P.S. You like my new Header?? I made it myself!

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