Monday, 15 October 2007

Today's OB appointment

First I'll start of by saying I gained 4lbs. ACK!!!!!!!!!! I know it doesn't really seem like that much, but considering my overall gain is suppose to be 18-25, and I'm currently at about 16 with 12 weeks to go, it's not looking too promising. I know it probably doesn't help that I'm a tad OCD about the whole weight gain thing and I'm SUPPOSE to gain. It's still a painful experience that I wasn't quite prepared for emotionally I think. As long as I keep going to the gym or getting exercise 3-5 days a week, and eat as healthy as possible, and drink my water, I can't really ask anything else of my body right? I'll just have to think positive.. .I mean sheesh.. I'm 28 weeks pregnant and I still weigh about 50lbs. less than I did a year ago. If only brainwashing myself were that easy. :)

Okay, on to the appointment. She said the weight gain was okay, but borderline. She suggested I go talk to a nutritionist when we get to our next base. Of course I find that somewhat of a moot point by then considering I'll be almost due.. I've been asking about talking to a nutritionist since I got pregnant and they kept insisting that I was doing fine and had nothing to worry about. I still don't think I'm doing too much wrong nutritionally, but having he backup and confirmation from a professional would have been helpful.

My blood pressure was good, a little higher than last time, but still well within normal ranges (115/73), Baby L's heartbeat was 150 bpms and I'm still measuring 2cm bigger than I should be, but that's been the case all along, so no surprise there. She nonchalantly made the suggestion that I might just be having a big baby. I smiled instead of decking her.

My blood results from Friday were all normal. No gestational diabetes, and I'm not anemic so no extra iron supplements needed. She gave me a handout on things to watch out for and avoiding pre-term labor and we went over how to make the flights comfortable and safely (lots of water, walk as much as possible, move my feet regularly to keep circulation up). That was about it, just another routine appointment. She said I should try and get to our next base and seen in about 4 weeks for the 32 week checkup, so that's the goal. Can we make it there in 4 weeks? Lets hope!

No orders today though... perhaps tomorrow?

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