Wednesday, 3 October 2007

OB Appointment

Just an update with my appointment from yesterday. All is well, I didn't gain a single pound... woot!!! If I can keep it the same for two more weeks, I'll have 10 pounds to gain in my 3rd trimester to stay within my "suggested weight gain". I'm still measuring a little big, 28cm instead of 26cm, but it's considered normal within 3cm. Heart rate was 140 BPM, my blood pressure was 111/73.

I'm suppose to go in as late as possible next week to get some blood work done, and then go in the next day to pick up my records (assuming we have orders by then!). They should have the results back that day so my records will be all updated. If I'm still here the following week I'm suppose to go in for my 28 week checkup. We'll see how that goes!

Mostly we're just impatiently waiting. My stamp room is packed up, the dogs kennel is being built so it will be ready when we are. Drew's working on selling his car, we sold the British freezer to our neighbors. The house is clean and laundry is all caught up.. so I've been really bored! Tonight I'm going with my (ex) co workers for pizza as a going away thing, and tomorrow Jackie and I have a date to play Monopoly! Drew doesn't like playing with me because he says I always win, I really don't.. but he doesn't remember those times. Silly guy! Mostly at night I'm just bored since Drew is at work and all of my craft stuff is packed. I haven't been in the mood to watch any movies and it's been drizzly and raining off and on.

That's about it! If anything exciting happens or by some miracle we get orders.. I'll let you all know!

Ta Ta for now!

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