Wednesday, 31 October 2007

No Cossie! Argh!

So Dad and I drove to San Francisco last night, left at 9, got to the airport about 9:45 to find our way to Cargo. The lady there was really nice, she asked me if he had stayed overnight in Detroit and I said no, not that I knew of. She looked confused and then walked away for a while, then came back and looked a few things up on the computer again and sure enough, they were keeping Cossie overnight in Detroit last night and not shipping him until TODAY!

Apparently they require a 4 hour space between flights and since his connecting flight was only 2 hours, the kept him overnight. A kennel service came and picked him up and then will take him back at 5pm Detroit time for his 7:30 flight to SFO. She gave me a phone number to call today to check and see how he is doing, and when I called they said that there might be a problem with the plane he's flying on having a big enough cargo door so of course I'm all worried our poor baby will get stuck in Detroit until we can figure out how to get him.

I found Cossies kennel dimensions and looked up the plane he is going to be flying on (I think) and it looks like he will have enough room to spare by about 2 inches. I hope that's the case and we'll get him safely tonight! I also called the kennel he is staying at in Detroit and they said he is doing fine. He ate and drank, and had a big poop for them that was normal, so hopefully he's not too stressed out. I know I am!

I'll call the airport in Detroit at 3:15 CA time and make sure he's going to be on that plane, and then as long as he is, we'll be out to pick him up this evening. So, here's hoping for some good luck and a safe arrival for our boy!

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Amora said...

Oh my gosh...I can't even imagine how worried you are. I traveled with my little beagle once, and everything went fine, but it was still stressful. Luckily they took him to a kennel in Detroit. You always hear so many horror stories about pets traveling by air. Please, keep us posted. I'll be thinking of Cossie!