Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Busy 2 days

I need to get to part 2 of our trip, hopefully this evening but I wanted to give an update on things since we've been back!

Some awesome news: Sunday night Taylor slept from 10:3opm to 7AM straight!! I couldn't believe it. Except when we woke up at 7, I had a sore throat and a headache and it continued to get worse all day long. Also in the morning I called to schedule her appointment which I knew was going to be a few weeks late, I figured they wouldn't be able to get her in until next week since they usually schedule about a week out.... well get this, they wont see her until APRIL 14th!!! So she's going to start her vaccines a month and a half late! I was kind of mad, but it's my fault I guess for not calling on the Friday we left to schedule.. I just didn't think they'd have the schedule open that far because they didn't previously.

I called and got myself scheduled for an eye exam which I so desperately need. I haven't had them checked in 4 years and I've noticed a significant change in my vision over the last year or so. That's next Tuesday for me, since it's off base I don't have to wait a month.

This morning I woke up at 2 AM to the cat chewing on a plastic bag and the dog barking at her (he knows she's not allowed to chew on plastic), and I was feeling worse than ever so I took some DayQuil since it's alcohol free. Taylor got up at 5 (but had gone to bed at 9:30, so that was still awesome!) and then we went back to sleep until 8. I'm feeling much better now though I still have a bit of a headahce

I also joined Weight Watchers again, and went to my first meeting today! There was another girl there who just joined today also, she's a military wife and she came toting her 4 week old! We have a lot in common it seems so perhaps I'll make a friend? It was a very interesting meeting.. everyone is just so.... SOUTHERN! Not in a bad way of course, it's just so different from either CA, or England. I'm pretty excited to weigh in next week, I'm determined to finish what I started and reach my goal!

I'm off to try and do something about this house.. when we unloaded the car it kind of just exploded everywhere!

I'll update with part 2 after I do some things around here!

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Amora said...

OMG...The part about Cossie barking at the cat for chewing on plastic totally made me *LOL*!! That's hilarious, although, probably not that funny when it wakes you up in the middle of the night, eh? Still, just the thought of Cos "babysitting" the cat is too funny. My beagle would *never* tattle...she'd join in on the fun and I'd wake up to an even bigger mess!