Tuesday, 18 March 2008

LA to CA: Part 2

So, after leaving Lois and Steve's we headed for Dianne's (Drew's Mom) house. That drive was SOOO windy, since we had most of our things in the car instead of in the snail (easier to load/unload) we caught some wind under the edges of the snail and it flexed. We thought it was going to rip off the car so we pulled over and checked it. It was okay, but we slowed down to about 15 below the speed limit to keep it from happening again. We switched drivers and I drove through the pass. Let me tell you, I had some white knuckles and I think Drew had to peel me off the steering wheel by the time we got to San Diego! That was some wind, and cliffs, yikes!

The next morning Drew and I went to go see if we could find his buddy at work, but he wasn't there that day, so we decided to go get a lunch of good ol' SoCal mexican food and visit the beach! We went to his favorite place and got some burritos, then went to Ocean Beach. We ate lunch, then took out the stroller and walked with Taylor up and down the trail a bit. It was windy, but so enjoyable! I sure love some California sunshine (and I can't complain about Mexican food either).
"Enjoying" her first trip to the beach!
Not to happy here! It was bright and windy, and she was getting hungry. We couldn't find a hat that fit her so I just rushed her out for a quick pic then put her back under a shade. (We did find a couple hats that fit when we went to visit Dad later!)

We also went to see some friends of ours (Thomas and Lisa) from TeamZx2 that also just had a baby 3 weeks before. We were pregnant at the same time so shared or stories and births! It was nice to finally get to see them! It was Taylor and Christopher's first "play" date!

When we got back to the house, Drew spent some quality time playing with Jenny (that would be the cute little blonde down there, not me!) I snapped a picture while I was upstairs and he wasn't looking (obviously, lol).

We had a lovely dinner with the family. I finally met Jeff (Drew's Brother) and Hannah (our niece) for the first time. It was really fantastic! Of course here is where I failed with the camera! Though I did get some the second time through.. we'll get to those!

The next morning we got up and Drew, Taylor, Dianne and myself took a trip to the San Diego zoo! It was wonderful, and a beautiful day! I did get lots of pics, so I'll post some of my favorites tomorrow. It's getting late and I still have things to do tonight while Taylor is sleeping!

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